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Big game to touch this and one half a yard short on their fourth down there would have moved them hey does the rams one they did almost upset though the full upset but i know i'm always hat us now that you called the shah anytime i don't have there's no semi called he's upset of the week it's called the almost upset unhappy when they win ara you like it the wrong now arm lamar miller guy do i'm a i'm a guy lamar miller got it done big time he looked now is your guy and well come lag i have i have for years zerorez he will take this away moving around argun these this is this a rough the sender's arbil has a good game in a houston tangled odor counter on i have stuck with lombarno lanai through the counter you have you have equivocated oh my goodness i'm not trying to take it away there are take away you haven't stood up well off his say he has stayed with lamar miller the offense of the houston texas if if if what we're saying games for the royal about watson we we said before the year the running court vote ruddy quarterback if you if you don't understand why we're lavan and he did a full groundhog economic loop though two weeks of winter got thrown out on the summer as gone but if rushing quarterbacks are good for the the running back i mean statistically historically those have always been good ice was just volume i mean.

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