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Uninhibited version of jerry smith and jerry decides that he because dimensional travel has not been discovered in this dimension. He doesn't know about it and and he's going to go and take over all of the dimensions because he's already conquered the earth that he that he owns And and that's kind of where the story goes what it. What were your thoughts on this initial setup. This premise of almost the anti jerry. Right jerry that is all the things. Our jerry is not terms of like personality and character. Yeah yeah the Of course mentioning the jerry feeling emasculated by by his family Looking looking for for for shelter looking for companionship finding doofus rick. At you know the best friends. Best friends as as friends can be And and i didn't. I didn't i think at the time i i didn't know that I hadn't thought of the idea of like they're being a really competent. Jerry was was a was a thing right and in the in the comics. I'll say that they like. Jerry is even more incompetent in even more useless in the in the first issue issue. Twenty one as they're making fun of him they're showing just different clips of how how he is like a Somebody comes up to him in a in a parking lot. And he's he's crying he's like no. I'm sorry i was. I didn't know that as your girlfriend had a look at her and it's like a tattooed bearded guy he's like sir. I'm just you dropped your wallet trying to in your are you. Are you peeing on yourself. Come on i just wanted stuff but So so going to this this this doofus world where everything's turned on on his head. I thought that was a really really. I thought that was a good introduction to it. But then when he goes back into say c. one thirty seven For for sake of argument and then he he goes there. Beth wants to do them Summer them there's a really weird creepy vibe on and that yeah for sure. But he's he's a he's a jerk. morty immediately recognizes. That's not his actual. Dad and rick tries to be like. Hey sorry pal you gotta you gotta get out of here and doofus. Jerry beats the shit out of him. Does he does just mercilessly. The we call him doofus. Jerry right but like jerry this doofus. Jerry is not a doofus his super powerful. But you talk about that moment. Where jerry doofus. Jerry beats up. Rick and i feel like it's really telling in the comics like what we know about at that point in time in the show when this comes out in december of twenty sixteen. Yeah we haven't really been fully exposed to cybernetic ric the rick that like is almost impervious to death because this wreck just gets straight beat up like no special weapons. No extra stuff. It's just he gets punched lunch at times and in he can't hang and that is not the rick that we've come to know after four seasons of the show. Yeah yeah in. And i'd say even even at that point in time in the series E we hadn't really seen him lose because we only in season two right Hadn't even gotten to the seattle three at that point time and in so cnn. Just get thrashed Just it was it was like wow okay all right all right this. Let's see where this goes The issue twenty two is then Our jerry is still stuck in doofus. Do this rick and You know my my my initial complaint with rick was like it's not that he's he's not dumb he's just a much more sensitive a version of it right. Yeah yeah In an i in that first issue he he kind of is just a dumb ass and like make fun of the character kind of but then but then he starts to be a little bit smarter in in the second issue and then going to the third issue But they're trying to escape that world because doofus doofus. Jerry had taken both portal. Guns stranding them there meanwhile doofus jerry's is tara tearing up the place. I mean he's just like when i say tearing out the place i mean he's just he's the alpha male in that that household and mortgage like you have to do something to to rick and he's like i i can't i ha- i've tried. I've tried so many feb tried so many things. I even through a cat. At a morty. I love that bit where he's like. What what what is a better indicator remain on his last leg than just throwing a cat and the cat like ends up liking him. Yeah that's right. Zo that issue. Just establishing his dominance more But then him finding out. The because rick calls in the citadel rix to to come in to to save to help save the day right Jerry realizing that others more of them. There's more worlds to conquer. Well that takes us into The finale of that issue where basically takes out the the citadel he owns them using dell using genetic manipulation to create pheromones that That the richter not immune to yeah yeah to his sent so to speak the rounding out sort of the the i if i don't wanna give everything away because unlike the tv show where we have an expectation that listen to this podcast. You've probably seen every episode or you're catching new episodes as they air except for matt everybody else. We expect that you've probably seen the show But you may not have picked up the comics. You may not have made it out to your local comic shop. You may not have gotten these In in any way shape or form. So we i would recommend checking out this three issue arc if you if you have the option do it but it really It culminates in a giant robotic. Mac battle.

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