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70123 for your chance to get on the wdbo payroll payout. Now Russia do it safely. You got the whole newscast to do it now even read the word again At the end. Our top story. Labor Day marks the end of federal unemployment benefits for over seven million Americans as those unemployment programs related to the pandemic expire. Orlando State representative on a S, Kimani says that means an end to the extra $300 per week and benefits people out of work had been getting the system is criminally broken. It's been criminally broken and this past session which Try to not only fix the system but increase the benefits. We were denied. President Biden says States should use unspent stimulus funds to extend the programs, but leaders here in Florida say they can't do the conflicting guidance from the Labor Department. Kevin Refuse Wdbo, one of 73 FM and AM 5 80. This is W. De Vo Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather and traffic. This is eyewitness news meteorologist Cassandra Creamy, Tracking a slightly better chance for more of central Florida for our labor day. I've got the details coming up. Brandon Hogan. 91 degrees in Orlando rained down in Kissimmee in your Hunter's Creek some more in Saint Cloud. The rest is to the west around Plant city market is back in a few minutes, continuing our team coverage. Osceola County School leaders say bus driver shortages are the reason why they've had a problem with keeping a consistent bus schedule another factors due to families in transition, meaning those who are living in hotels. In their cars or with other relatives. Some of these families will literally move overnight. And we won't know about the change for a couple of days, and then we're scrambling essentially to get a bus and find a bus that might be in the area. School leaders worry that the problem will get worse since the eviction moratorium has come to.

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