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The confederate army that were gathering up in gettysburg ominous profit they were captured and taken out to sack cupboard bridge i think we even mentioned the bridge just briefly a year ago i may hungary's three guys on from the bridge and people see spirits hanging lawyer they walk through the bridge and thought something brush up against him almost like the body still hanging from the rafters they've heard cries and moans of people in misery um nickel gunshots around the bridge um and this is one of these cases where for some people it seems like a residual at tiffany you know word sustained from the bridge like they would have did in on 1800s concur others they actually save the uh one of them will be standing in the bridge looking at them and almost watching them or some people have claimed that they've actually been touched by one of these skirts um and there's just so you know so many of these story involving apparitions touching people speaking to them um cold 515 move them which may yet the pap's they're trying to embrace them or in some way um there's so many of these story any cases of uh these apparitions trying to hurt somebody no but i do believe that a lot of people you know interpret this as a happening sometimes um you know what i always tell people is the difference between you know like you're mentioning some scarier not if you're alone in a you know a circa 18 fifty house at night in in you walk into a room and the door all of a sudden slams behind you really hard for some you know everyone's gonna jump and be initially startled some people would just think oh well that goes was trying to get my attention if you know just wants to let me know here in which case that's not really a scary circumstance but you know the personal standing right next to them would be like a ghost this claiming that talking with angry it wants us out of here and so so many times you know we really don't know the intention behind some of the coast we act and trump people react negatively and and some.

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