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It breaks. I'm rosacea Rivera live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom at six people have been hurt in a car crash in Tacoma, gresh, happened at around six forty last night on the two ten freeway at a Royal street a black SUV overturned during the crash. The end image awards were held last night's Jesse smell was the talk of the show. Even though he skipped out on the event the empire actor was up for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series. But lost out to Grey's anatomy star Jesse Williams. Chris rock joked about smell while presenting one of the nights awards, they said, no Justice Molet jokes. I know what the waste of light skin. The doing that light skin. Smell. It did get some support though as actress Yara Shahidi gave him a shout-out saying, 'i stand with Jesse of the cast of black ish accepted the outstanding comedy award. A missing university of South Carolina student has been found dead Columbia police are charging Nathaniel Roland with murder and kidnapping in the death of twenty one year old Samantha Josephson. Those who knew her are stunned shears is a very bubbly person. She was very happy and she was excited because she was going to law school in the fall. But she was just a very happy bubbly person, very sad. And it's very scary because it can happen to anyone, and you definitely need to make sure you stay with your friends.

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