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And so being a type a personality is type a personality, he would get a stopwatch and he'd start it and he'd like huff and puff and race as hard as he could all the way down to wherever. And he would time himself. And every day, no matter how hard he did it, 43 minutes. 43 minutes, just wouldn't improve. 43 minutes. And this thing that should have been enjoyable became painful in his mind. He started to avoid it. He'd be like, ah, I have other things to do. No, instead of bike riding, I'll do this other thing. And he realized at one point, this is really pathetic. And this is really bad that something that should be enjoyable. I am avoiding because I've made it so painful. So why don't I just go for a bike ride and enjoy it? So he goes for a bike ride and it's just a leisurely cruise. He's chilling. He's riding around and he's seeing dolphins in the water. He's standing up. He's looking around, noticing things. He hadn't noticed before. At one point, this is Derek. He goes, at one point, I looked up in the sky and there was a pelican. And I said, wow, pelican, and it's shit in my mouth. And I was like, ah, he's like, it was like best bike ride ever. I was like, okay. So he's having a great time. Pelican shit in the mouth and notwithstanding. And he gets back and he looks at his watch, and it was, I think it was 45 minutes. And he's like, wait, what? He's like, so all that huffing and puffing, all that sweating, like leg cramps, and pain was for an extra two minutes off the clock. That's outrageous. So he started applying that to his entire life. He's like, when it starts to get, now look, there are exceptions to all this, right? But he said, when I start to get really stressed out, I just stop. Because I realize 95% is enough for getting almost all of the results that I want and making it sustainable. And this comes back to the creativity, right? It's like if you always try to crank a hundred percent and you're like, I need to get 2000 awesome words out today. That's like trying to hit 43 minutes every time and huffing and puffing. And you're going to start putting things off. I need another cup of coffee. Oh my God, my shoes are so dirty. I need to fix my shoes before I can go out. I let that stand. You'll do anything to put it off because it becomes this intimidating task. So yeah, sort of the 95 versus a 100% is another one. Oh, I've got another one. I have to share. So this is one of my favorites. So Sean white, two things that are very interesting in the Shawn white. Well, there are a lot of things. But these eels, the all time record for metals at the X Games. He has, I think, two gold medals at the Olympics. And two things worth noting for him. And this comes back to the high expectations thing. Okay. So I asked him, what is your self talk when you come out of the gate for a gold medal run at the Olympics? What do you say to yourself? And he thought about it. And the short version is, who cares? True version is who cares? You know, I think this is a really big deal. Snowboarding, going down snow in this contraption. But at the end of the day, you know, I'm going to go home. I'll see my family. Which he borrowed from Agassi. When agassiz had his comeback, that was how he took the pressure off in very, very high pressure situations. To say, who cares? Which is effective when you put in the training. If you put in the training, you don't need to stress in that last minute. The other thing I took away from Sean is when he has a really serious goal. Like a gold medal at Sochi or whatever it might be. He also has a completely absurd goal to offset how stress inducing that can be. So at one point it was, I want to wear American flag pants on the cover of Rolling Stone mag. Like that was the other goal. Has some ludicrous goal to offset the serious. Wow, that's cool. So I've started to try to incorporate that in my life. I would really prefer goal that you have right now. Okay, so this is an exclusive. This is breaking news. Here we go. And we'll see where it goes. I'm a little hesitant to even even share this. But I'll give it a teaser. I'll give it a teaser. Which is sufficient. So goal, you know, I want this book to be everywhere. I want. I mean, I want everyone to read this. Like a friend of mine said, you know, I've bought four hour work week for a few people who really need it for changing chapters in their lives or starting a company, have given for our body to people who want to lose weight. He's like this one, I would give to everybody. So I have very big goals for this. So I have some other plans, which I can't go into huge detail with right now. But to create a fragrance for men. Really? And I mean, fucking look at me. I'm from Long Island. This is like a tuxedo for me. Don't really wear cologne or anything. Occasionally smell like I've been chased by hyenas or something if I'm sweating a lot. But I was like, how funny would it be? If I came out with like a Tim Ferris fragrance, oh my God. Amazing. Hilarious would that be? So what would Tim Ferris smell like? Oh, so that I can't disclose. But I do. Okay, like tequila. I think it'd be like a rough night. Yeah, tequila and pine needles. It's like,.

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