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For hanging ounce it's gonna be another beautiful day at least we have that going for us as we said our perpetual jail thanks to Doug Ducey and Regina Romero and the account of course they want to do it to the supervisor sixty five outside right now I say screw them eighty four for the high seventy eight center AT one Sunday sun everywhere we should be the nineties by the end of next week I'm let's enjoy our time outside let's get back to work I say forget it opens up the can't stop mall they can't do it what we're trying to get it done by the honest Regina is so she's so ignorant I mean facts are right there she but she is just sitting up there listening to some person based on the model that doesn't work and what's scary is that Doug do she's doing the same damn thing you think Doug has the guts you think Doug has the guts to actually make the right call and say we are more than because listen let me get back down to the brass tacks before you besides the Israeli professor and everything else remember they wanted us to bend the curve to make sure he wouldn't overrun hospitals well now that we know that our hospitals are more than prepared I mean they are just fine if there is a surgeon I don't believe there's going to be a surge I'm pretty I'd been a decent money there is not gonna be a search okay if there's not gonna be a surge let everybody go back to work because well if if there if there is a third we can handle it we have the resources so this idea that they said flatten the curve because we need to make sure hospitals are overrun okay cool we sat home and listen to you we're pissed now but hospitals we have the evidence here in Arizona and other places but here in Arizona it's concert on that we can't we're not going to overrun it there is there are so many beds in ICU beds and ventilators available that is going to be fine god read but who knows what's going to happen or not so you can't tell me we flatten the curve they can't tell me you need to flatten the curve until it's gone that wasn't the original purpose of sitting home staying away from people that wasn't it I know Democrats all they care about is keeping trump out of office they own their own reelected so they are sitting there saying you know the Democrats are saying no we can't have the economy start up until we know it's a hundred percent safe for everyone we need test for everyone and everywhere that is impossible New York you're going to stay close to like July or August good luck I predict that will happen I predict the civilians there will give Cuomo the middle finger and then get back to work you have to you can't sit and do nothing our country will die they and you what's crazy the Democrats want the country to die so trump will lose the election may think that's gonna let me tell you something if trump buys in with this there's gonna be problems trump is tweeting out big time this morning liberate Minnesota liberate Michigan distribute it just just tweeted out liberate Virginia one US a member Ginny real quick the entire state is locked down from that racist blackface governor Ralph Northam the baby killer right the entire state is locked down new information you know many outbreaks that have the Chinese virus a hundred seventeen they have eight million people there he locked down the state for a hundred seventy by the way the biggest sixty six of the one seventeen and this is from their own health numbers the biggest one is from long tail at long term care facilities which lead into that German virologist who said you have the greatest chance of getting it by being included in enclosed area over a long period of time which means you should be sitting in your home I'm over it I don't know about you I'm over we've literally and Ned Ryan is written piece in American greatness we've lost their damn minds over this because the media they've driven they've driven people crazy and you know what it's totally okay to say I'm over this I'm done with it I'm going back to work going back to work what can the government do to us what can they do that right or the piece of American greatness ready for this in the imperial college dunces look like chicken little now screaming the sky is falling million millions of Americans will die when in fact their models were based on garbage assumptions and data what we know now in fact is that it's estimated maybe sixty thousand could potentially die if that were basically just a smidge over half of the Americans who died of the Asian flu in nineteen fifty seven and fifty eight and basically half of those who died of the Hong Kong flu yeah they said it wasn't racist back then by the way in nineteen sixty seven nineteen sixty eight yep we've had over a hundred thousand Americans die in a year multiple times from a deadly flu and you know we never did we never shut down the entire economy never did it never did it Stanford professor of medicine John I am not S. I believe I pronounce his name concluded the risk of death for people.

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