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But i would just say as i used to save you know we people have asked me what was it like to be in there said well you get up in the morning you read the washington post it says the united states of america should do something about the north korean nuclear program and you say why didn't i think right yes he has a point that nobody was able to stop it but i think the administration is finding out just how hard it is to stop it what did you think when you woke up a week ago were a little more than we go now and saw the president's tweet about his nuclear button being larger than i i'm nuclear button was that allies into i've been no fan of the the tweets the policy by tweets i've been no fan of that uh but i also think it didn't deserve uh you know squaring column inches of analysis new or those say this is a pretty serious nuclear war is a very soon you steal but i think people would be mistaken to think that because the president has the ill advised tweet we're about to have nuclear war with the north ju have any concerns about misinterpretations or provocation i think kim jong un is turning out uh much more so than i thought to be actually uh pretty clever uh the approach to the south koreans was clever the decision to go to the olympics is clever and so this is somebody who understands this is interest now i think he is more isolated than his father was because the chinese have said to me and i have no reason not to believe them that kim jong il his father remembered that the chinese had saved his father when we cross the y'all and so there was a connection there that kim jong un is a different character i fully believe that perhaps certainly more reckless uh i wonder sometimes if he really believes it when people when he says i can destroy the united states because anybody who tells them something he doesn't wanna hear seems to get killed so baby which is a real distant witness a real disincentive to tell him the truth so i worry about those.

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