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Our job here as he when he was he like to keep you informed on things stories that are breaking all over the country especially they are trending stories that we if you get to work and somebody says did you see this video did you hear about this lady you don't feel stupid I would I would like you to be like oh yeah I heard about it on Z. one of four this morning sell right now there's a woman named Amy Cooper trending on Twitter and there's several trends about her fire her immediately I think is one some of the other ones that are trending Amy Cooper is over that kind of thing anyways any Cooper's not celebrity he's not anybody famous she's just a woman who was out in Central Park this weekend with her dog and a mask on and somebody was filming her in Central Park she's in a park called the ramble that's like the woods of central park so she was out in the ramble and with with her dog and the reason the person was feeling first of all the version the story that I read that the person filming with this phone is a burger somebody who likes to go look at birds and document bird okay that's the version of the story that I heard if I'm wrong please correct me because I could be anyways this person was a black man and he had his phone out and he was filming her old white woman if that matters to you and he was filming her because she had her dog off the leash which you're not supposed to do you're supposed to act you can have your dog in the park but it has to be leashed yeah and the dogs off the leash so he was filming her not that any of his business but right everybody's got phones were all paparazzi now anyways the lady took offense to it and honestly I think I would take offense because the park and I saw this guy put filming me I'd be like what are you doing you know this lady went from zero to a hundred real two hundred real quick here's the audio of this guy filming her please don't come close to me I said she's coming over to him in a course remember sixty please stay away please welcome post please don't come close please please call the cops please call the cops African American men threatening my life please tell them whatever you like well hold on a second what yeah this is an African American man threatening by life with what his phone African American men threatening my life please tell them whatever you like okay so she after panicking at all that she pulls out her phone and he's still here still and here's the conversation he recorded her having with.

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