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Little blurb here if you wanna get soft on your phone. Download our free mobile app in easy access to our articles. Podcast gear reviews all perfectly formatted to your device. Please described the software dot com get access to our library of e books in our soliciting room forms of content available on us all your app apple and android devices. Kahn thanks for taking the time with us the afternoon. We really appreciate it and kudos to you as as a pilot yourself. I think you nailed it with this book. It was really like. I said it was a page turner in one that i really enjoyed reading. Well thank you. Steve and i commend everyone to my website of. They'd like more information about the book or or about me. It's www dot colin c. o. l. i. n. p. as in paul cahoon c. h. o. In dot com the best place to get mended wings would be on amazon. That you're guaranteed to find it there. So i i commend everybody to that and i i really appreciate the time to come on your show steve. I appreciate his event all you do for vets and And i want to say thank you for your services well and and thank you for your show and thank you for to software for for having me on today. Well it was our pleasure as i said before but yeah to all listeners out there police check it out and thanks for listening to our podcast always without our listeners. In readers we wouldn't have a site so that's what that's what pays the bills in and keeps us all going so for all of us here at safra radio and saaf rep dot com. We want to thank all of you for listening in our guests they will be back with another podcast real soon until then suffered brady on time montauk. It will be back.

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