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Okay. Here's the thing. I need George children to take care of me when I'm older I'm going to be in a nursing home ninety three years old, and I plan on doing very hard club drugs. Cocaine ecstasy heroin. I waspa- DM. I think a great club drug. You take you drinking you shit in a bucket. You dance your heart out shore. The point is I'm gonna be in a fucking nother zone. Okay. But I'm going to be shitting myself left. And right. So I need your children to take me outside and hose me down in my wheelchair. Please prom promised me when you have your children when they're in your arms, and you're looking in their cute little veer next covered faces for the first time Barrick's, by the way, is that thing that they're born in that cares rankles. So as soon as your baby comes out wipe your baby all over your face. You looking in their sweet little is before you say, I love you or thank you for being here. Whatever thank you next or whatever. Look at your baby and go I need you to host off Aaron Gibson. In fifty years. As Vic St. years. And then look at your baby and say do you like my hair she thinks just bought? Are you done at one more thing to sing? But is it deflate now? Because you said that maybe. Here's the deal we need to. I here's here's that. They're going to say, I if no more people nobody in this room is going to walk out of here ever get and judgment for being on her phone. If you see a moment airplane, who's has babies crying? We're all going to offer to fucking help. Okay. These women have gone through. Offer to help they are doing a fucking hard job. Okay. And it's up to all of.

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