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Now behind bars the third and final suspect Lucci on a Louis taken into custody this morning after turning himself in the second identified is Roshan weaver arrested Friday at the Taft houses in Harlem both just fourteen years old charged as adults with murder and robbery a thirteen year old was also arrested in December responded Reena Roy in New York Montgomery County public schools hope to relieve crowding in Bethesda with the new grade school now the list of potential locations is down to six but as the beat reports that during a meeting last night for sites were eliminated the remaining six sites include Grosvenor elementary on Grosvenor lane Kensington elementary school on Dietrich Avenue and Lynbrook center in east Bethesda the new elementary school would open in about six years and fifty seven hundred forty or so students potential sites range in size from about four to six acres he's turned his camera toward the street and people of New York city's Harlem neighborhood for more than a half century now the focus of Sean Walker's work will be found at the library of switch just acquired his complete collection Washington post reports the archive includes one hundred thousand photos negatives and transparencies including pictures of people like Jesse Jackson writer Toni Morrison jazz great Thelonious Monk Walker is just one of seven photographers whose archives will now live at the library one element of a pleasant spring training happy well fed fans WTOP is Dave prestin learned of the tricks of the trade with for one family pitchers have to focus on technique and pitch selection each outing for parents at spring training snacks selection is just as important Karen constant short hills New Jersey has that challenge this week with four boys in our group make sure that you always have the same thing for everybody so there's no fighting Quinn is the most finicky eater level Doritos or slightly hot Cheetos Quinn routes for the Yankees while Karen's husband is one huge nationals fan although I couldn't speak with him in west Palm Beach now he's at home in the cold out work and I'm here representing for him explain form I'm not sure that he would say it is at nationals spring training day Freston WTOP news yeah they're DC mayor Muriel Bowser set to sign legislation that makes the.

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