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Yes forty six percent. No and the only reason i asked was because they were talking about it in the post game i think maybe it was during the second period intermission. I can't remember or maybe he was talking to cal peterson. It must've been kentucky. Cal peterson in a post game of definitely not second division. No right. I because the goal gus grissom barry fair point but i actually did think if the rule is that you can't push the goalies pads into the goal into the net. I actually think that's happened I wasn't one hundred percent clear why the goal was allowed. Although frankly i think it's a silly rule that it what should have been a goal but given how it happened given what it meant to the overall flow of the game in the end the end result which is at the kings win. I'm leaning towards calling it a fake shutout. I i'm gonna different opinions here mo mostly because the puck was never really covered. It was kinda just there in the pad was also there. No he never had control in. The puck wasn't under his glove and it got pushed into the net. But you know to me because the puck was loose to an. It's just a battle of goalie versus you know. Players stick trying to keep the puck out of the net in china. Push it in. So i think the call on the ice you know at as it was made prior to the review was the right choice and and for being upheld say what you want but hey we can we can pass on that knowing that the kings one overall. It's something that's going to be controversial whenever it comes to pushing a goalies equipment in his leg into the net know. It wasn't very blatant that it did. Even though that was the case to an extent but hey will forget about it will move on. We'll take our two points. Yeah either way. He makes thirty two saves on thirty. Three shots turns in his first win of the season and looked great. I mean i thought he looked real strong and i have to admit heading into the game knowing that he was starting while i don't necessarily think his two losses were his fault. You're looking at the numbers. Before the game you know with a saab nine hundred. Save percentage in an above three point zero goals against you know to record and your just sorta tugging. You're caller go. I'm like oh you're but you know. He looked for every bit the goalie that we've been hearing about for two or three years. Now yeah yeah. He made some really good saves against fiala parisi Spurgeon was in their brodine as well overall the wild really spread out when it comes to who they get their shots from aside from knowing fiallos gonna put quite a few on net in the wild have active defenseman when it comes to pinching when it comes to stepping into the playoffs pensively it was a great showing from cal peterson overall. Knowing that you know you while we know what we're going to get out. The wild shots tend to be a little bit more unexpected and hard to come from because a lot of their energy in offense comes from behind the net which is not easy for goalie to track. So by all means you..

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