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The fastest growing growing city. And that of course is going to push weld county right along with it. with The growing in greeley in the growing in weld county that brings in a new type of person And that's where scott. I want to kind of open it up with you About this growth in the type of person type of people that we're seeing come into weld county well study show californians. It's that simple. But that's that's fine. Welcome to colorado. I think it's important that we could have communicate with. Colorado is about where rugged were western were individual. We keep our nose on our own side of the fence. But we're ready to lend a hand if a if a if a neighbor needs help and they need to redo their driving test that they're coming in california that now that's just purely assumption. But i think that might be something worthwhile looking into. I'm happy to welcome. Welcome here. you got to remember. I'm a native to just like you are tangible periods. I grew up in loselle. And so i want people to know the life and have the opportunities that i have known and and had an have continue to have amazing opportunities in this county. I think weld county is is great because it's people are good to go down and alexis de tocqueville path with you. I gotta is great because there are people that are good and as long as people are good the county will continue to be great so it's therefore our way to to. It's it's our job to make sure that we communicate away and a path and and just kind of the and i'm not gonna say welcome you ain't from around here. We do take office that guy. But i do think that part of what has made our county. Great is is a fixed set of principles. And i will try to embody those principles is as long as i am in public service and just in a private citizen straight county because i i do believe in the opportunity that exists here but yeah the the growth is explosive Elizabeth garner state demographer picks She says our population will double by thousand forty five now so think about that and most of the growth in south west greeley and on down through the i thousand five county. I twenty five communities in well county. Yeah i mean that is a whole lot of people moving in perry. What are your thoughts on the growth of weld county and and greeley specifically here. Well i feel so blessed to grow up in weld county and talking about the heritage in the culture we do help our neighbors need we stand for the pledge allegiance we respect our law enforcement. Dinnertime is set for family time. It is so important that we hold onto that. And so we with this flex you'd have to look in not that i'm comparing us to california new york but people are coming here because we have. I think the fiscal responsibility that our county has and that's no debt. No sales tax one of the lowest mill levies fifteen point zero three eight mills and we've got plenty in our rainy day fund. We are very very Strong as as county and not all counties. I don't still know of another county that can Tooth that horn so we are very blessed. We've got lots of land but again we've got to make sure we have to maintain that culture by getting involved with their neighbors knowing who your neighbors are. Seen what their needs are and keep keep going well counties got by the way we got a text in here. Scott james for governor. So i might have to ask you about that later on down the road here scott no. I won't do that by gave you my wife's phone number eight. See the answer. You get get another texter here a little bit of a long one here. Let's see you see what's going on with larimer county the changes you've seen their Does it ever concern you that well county could follow in the steps of what we've seen with labor county. I'm assuming this texture is talking about the progressive blue nature of labor county Response to that. I believe that that people. I mean you show. He wanted put this in a republican versus a democrat manner. It's i don't yes. I'm a registered republican. But i don't think in republican versus democrat. I don't think it right versus left. I think in right versus wrong. I think in in ideas i love the fact that public services the arena of ideas and as long as the ideas that resonate with people are i if conservatives can continue to generate ideas that resonate with people than conservatives will continue to win you talk about a blue wave whatever bluewave red lightwave. Let's have a conversation about what is right and wrong at about how we collectively move. Forward based in the united states constitution based on the bill writes based in statute and how we collectively elevator so a higher citizenry. I i don't do. I worry about that. No because the best idea wins tanner. It's that simple. The best idea win. So that's how it's supposed to be right. And i don't know now with some of what we've seen here in the state of colorado. If that's been the way. But the county. I do agree with you. Would you your thoughts on on what we've seen a little different in when it comes to the ideals 'cause i would say that I've got the big are on my forehead and it stands for limited government fiscal responsibility and personal accountability. And i've learned just in that legislature. If i didn't have the backbone for those values those sometimes ideals start swain one way or the other and and so i really do stand stone with those that. Those republican values What's interesting is. I'll take issue with you act any. Here's i'll give me another hobby high. i believe. let me give you my four pillars of conservatives. My four pillars conservatism are as follows a small limited limited government that knows its proper role constrained by the united states constitution. The bill of rights and law fiscal responsibility is number. Two number three is an unwavering belief in the and farm. Fair market and number. Four is a staunch unwavering belief in the power of the individual. Now if you want say those are republican ideals. Guess what those are scott's ideals and if the republican party happens to agree with me. That's great if the republican party doesn't happen to agree with me that's great. Those are my principles and those are my ideals. And that's what i'll stick with. And i'll just have to align with the party. Whoever closes matches me. I mean you know. It's it's as close to where i stand. I just feel like it's It's it's it's kind of a backbone to make those choices on where the role of government is because government now is so in our lives. One must know their principles. Yeah no doubt about it. Let's get it on topic Of talking about The the blue wave. I guess if that's what you wanna call it here in colorado we i. There's no secret. The republican party in in last year's election Did not farewell. And what in your minds has to change for the republican party to start to gain some footing Back in this state. I me you. I'll go first. I i if i believe in the what. The republican party is launched here about a week and a half ago in the commitment to colorado. I think there are ten principles. Outlined the commitment to colorado is an outstanding commitment to everyday colorado whether they'd be democrat republican independent unaffiliated. I believe in the commitment commitment to colorado commitment numeral to colorado dot com by the way Caribbean new monroe through colorado dot com. If you want to learn more about that. I believe once again that we need to be. We have become the party of no because we have been on our heels when i say our i talk about a republican i talk about a conservative and we have been in the minority. I think that sooner or later this party must walk most reckon with one. Donald j trump. It is not about orangemen. Bad orangemen good. It is about a man who had an unbelievable belief. Tanner and perry in the us. He he believed in america. He believed in america. I and i believe in that. He believed in the united states of america above all else and he felt he made the common person feel like they were empowered to be involved in their government. And that's why you saw such an undying loyalty to to the point where some people still don't accept the election results. And and that's something that i don't know we've seen in this country before where it was not not necessarily the party there was. They were trumpers him. Now let me go down that path. In the fact that we became a cult of personality riley made our party more about personality than principles. That's where we failed. I agree with you. One hundred percent of that. We need to harvest the principles that were embodied by donald j trump and reflect those and we need to cash decide the personality. Because let's be honest guys. A little bit spiteful. Sometimes i don't have the main melon looks and says yeah you know what donald trump was was the nicest guy ever. No one says yea he really speaks. Well he speaks. Nobody says but the core values there. It's the payer which like to come in on what it takes for the republican party to get some footing back here in the state of colorado. I look at the percentages of republicans thirty percent republican thirty percent. Democrats in the rest of on film and there are so many out there. I would say that it's all about faith family and freedom that we have not been able to make them know that we are on their side and that we are the party that they want to support in its our youth are the minority. There are so many opportunities for us to do a better job of communicating with them and and again our county party. We are trying to reach out Whether it's through flyers around the neighborhood but we've got to do a better job of just engaging and just putting our arms around him and say you are more like us than you'll ever know the reason that we were beaten in the arena of ideas is for example. It's identify an issue an issue. That's growing in weld county homelessness identify and people collectively come together and have tremendous sympathy for somebody who has downtrodden. Trust me. i as conservative as they get. I have a tremendous sympathy for someone who is homeless and downtrodden. So democrat and republican. Look at a homeless person. The democrat says oh my gosh look at that poor homeless person the government should do something and i say oh my gosh. Look at that homeless person. We should do something. It's don't look to the government. The government must know its proper role and by saying it's not the proper role of government. We've communicated that we don't care. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Let's incentivize those organizations who want to stand up and help things that are not necessarily the proper role of government. It's not government should care us. We should care not government we naive. I completely agree with that. In last point that i'll say here. You look at the the cory gardner race right Cory gardner. I think the the study found that he was like the third. Most third likely senator to work both ways right. Third-most bipartisan senator The democrats right now don't want to work with republicans and there's a lot of republicans don't want to work with democrats. I was surprised at at the gardner result. Just at at how haley he was beaten. But that i think that speaks about the third boast bipartisan. Senator in he gets just just a you know annihilated in that election. I thought that was a little bit opening to when you look at that. The donald j trump pointing. Yeah they did. They did Let's take a break here. We've got the commissioner roundtable on perry buck And commissioner scott. James joining me. It snow cone hour on northern colorado's voice one zero three point one at thirteen ten. Kfi let's get to the bottom of our news and weather center. Join clark johnson. And bruce dick for cargonoff coach weekdays at eleven. Another in colorado's voice one zero three point. One thirteen ten.

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