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The v nine we will now begin to enable full self driving features he didn't give any more real details about decision a system but this may actually accelerate the effort to put more self driving cars on the roads as i mentioned at the same time investigators are still looking into a series of accidents including at least two deadly incidents involving the self driving cars dr musk has complained about the focus on these accidents he says the selfdriving systems these systems are going to be a whole lot safer than you as a human driving a vehicle it's super messed up that a tesla crash resulting in a broken ankle is front page news and the nearly forty thousand people who died in the us the auto accidents in the past year gets almost no coverage i don't know point national transportation safety board says a preliminary report last week about the tesla that was operating on autopilot that sped up before a crash in california that killed the driver had the other accident last year the auto pilot failed to detect a truck that was crossing the road investigators said that the driver was actually watching a movie at the time not paying attention when with the semi autonomous system in operation that's not supposed to be the case looking to sixteen past the hour some of our industry headlines a service of our friends at oh id all right you want to jump on board one of those mornings i last evening was one of those we had mr motor co last night of course we were like ten lines deep this morning you want to jump on board we're not ten lines deep so no complaints about getting to a pretty post aced as they say tollfree it's eight eight eight eight six zero.

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