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First purchase but that expires july thirty first so it's really this month only so take advantage of him by the way i'm just telling you right now the first couple of people that take advantage of this deal and send me a code semi semi the sponsor email i'm giving you the press the past the field pass to the nfc so you want to go to the nfc this weekend national fancy football convention go ahead take advantage of the modern bo deal boom and by the way my bose also going to be a big deal for those of you that wanna get into fantasy football league with evan and i as well for july so either way whatever you wanna do ma in bo is where it's at m o t t a n d b o w dot com use that promo code tucker jeez ross let's start today with the news the zona cardinals general manager steve getting cited for dui on july fourth what a shame what a shame on multiple levels so interesting full disclosure i like steve he is from central pennsylvania like the harrisburg area i've talked to him several times you know he's a former offense of linemen that went to nc state really like him as a guy and i think he's in a lot of good things and airasia although obviously that that roster has deteriorated a little bit they are going to be down this year and we'll see how much patience michael bidwell the owner has as they try to revamp that thing new quarterback they're kind of moving on from the aero of aryans and carson palmer and we'll see if you can get them through that but this doesn't help i mean if you're about to go through a tough time this absolutely does not help if you are steve time i mean to put your organization in a situation like this it's not good and i don't think he's on the hot seat but this won't help is situation he will be suspended for a couple of games i would imagine because they try to hold you know they try to hold executive to an even higher standard than the players themselves jeez also some disappointing news out of cleveland where the browns put linemen donald stevenson on the reserved slash retired list just a weird story bri because you know the new gm in cleveland obviously has a lot of familiarity with stevenson from their time together in kansas city right so they know each other well he gets the job in can't in cleveland he knows that joe thomas might retire so he goes ahead and he signs stevenson to be kind of a backup option it left tackle as the starter meaning you know he's like a serviceable guy and you know he can get the job done if you need them to but you're probably hoping somebody else actually wins the starting job but they gave him you know two point five million dollars you know what i mean dorsey wasn't messing around giving them two point five million dollars to be the swing tackle maybe start and the guy showed up for nothing you didn't show up for anything they said publicly they were finding him then it comes out he suspended for a couple of games and under the substance abuse policy and now they put them on the reserve for tired list i guess he signed with the brown just decided he didn't wanna play anymore i don't know what the deal is there but that's that's that's brutal really brutal it's not good for the browns because it really hurts they thought they at least have have stevenson as a solid swing tackle they don't even have that.

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