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Give your due to a death we respond hello what's the White House strategy in terms of the president selling if you will at least speaking to the American people about his decision well secretary Pompey was on that believe CNN yesterday and he was asked about the president's credibility problem and how that will impact the way that he responds to questions about his decision to approve the strike against all the money and so I do think that the White House is going to roll out a number of campaign events in the next few weeks where the president will talk have only about protecting Americans is focusing on national security bringing this back to again that America first message but it does present a significant issue I mean this president has many times before being questioned about the things that he's said when he's talking about decisions that went into policy making or the the things that he has asked other administration officials to do whether they were lawful or unlawful and so I do think that it is it does present it a difficult issue for the White House and also the trump campaign to convince prospect of trump voters but also independent voters people who would normally consider voting for this president that you can actually trust that this was the right decision and that everything that went into this decision followed standard procedure a headline from the daily beast reflective a little what that caller had to say Elizabeth Warren colon people are asking if run a check is distraction from a peach but the question is why now war declared one out a month ago went out a month from now is echo did you want to join in on that are sure well would there is some precedent for this in nineteen ninety nine our C. ninety eight when the house was beginning to impeach president Clinton there was actually a three day bombing run in a rock and there were house Republicans were livid at at that and they thought that there must have been some sort of connection answer distraction from the current impeachment proceedings and the members of I was the first time in over a hundred a hundred years that a present had been impeaching this was over weapons inspections so yes senator Warren and and others on the left to start to question whether it is sort of a wag the dog a fact where day the killing of so the money and the other tensions rising in Iran could distract from impeachment impeachment but at this point Congress is certainly keeping an eye on them as you do but it's interesting connection to the the Clinton impeachment still goes back to to Iraq as they say history tends to ride the temple wall falls Wisconsin Samuel hello they're going to good morning morning my question is to your two guests all of parliamentary procedure in the house of representatives could you address the rule change they made holes representative resolution sixty six that I think could help them expedite the impeachment I'm not familiar with the resolution what does it do you what's your familiarity with Sammy maybe we can maybe maybe it'll jogger memories go ahead I'm not a reporter I'm not up on that stuff like you guys and we published resolution sixty six I believe pastis here to sample I'd like them to be feared as echo and he covers mainly covers the the Senate for national journal Gabby order of the White House will get Andre Andre and I still Maryland on art Democrats like welcome Andre at high school Maryland area this is Andrea yes I'm here I see the issue or remote going not going there as a non insured because there is a in the Senate like in the house they have enough he said you need to so yes we are is it the station and creativity they could say that I am not going and in India enthusiastic that needed to solve the problem I think what the caller might be referencing is that over the coming days there's gonna be more of a focus on the number here is four four Republican senators who could vote with Democrats to change the rules and get the majority necessary because Republicans and Democrats are forty seven and eighty four yeah that's right in order to if they could they would be for Republicans to vote with Democrats to the fifty one votes and enough that they wouldn't need the vice president pence to to break the tie and if that were to be the case and you can see a majority of Democrats determine the rules of the Senate trial but that's a pretty heavy lift considering Republicans tend to vote in a block wall along with Senate Majority McConnell who would be those potential for you've got Susan Collins in place of accounts he who over the recess both make comments sort of criticizing the the the current lock step that you see between the White House and Majority Leader McConnell they could conceivably vote for some a different rules package although center college explicitly say that you think the ninety nine model the McConnell wants is something that you think should be the starting point you could see somebody like sentiment Romney who certainly is no fan of the president the freshman Republican from Utah who was the Republican's presidential nominee in two thousand twelve maybe a retiring senator like Lamar Alexander or Mike Enzi Pat Roberts there's a couple of possibilities but again it's a very heavy lift especially on something as high profile as this war which the White House been doing over the last month or so to keep the senators not just those exact mention but of Republican senators in general in their court in line working the phones quite a bit the president has been in touch with a lot of his allies on Capitol Hill as well as Republicans like Susan Collins I spoke to as official yesterday who said the president directly hasn't spoken with Collins but that she has been in touch with White House officials heading into the Senate impeachment trial the end of course expect that to continue over the next few weeks the president has also brought down a number of lawmakers to Mar a Lago he just spent nearly three weeks down there in Florida and he was you know fine wine and dining a lot of these people and he he calls for senator Graham at one point out really making sure that his allies on the hill are not only aligned with his strategy on peach meant but are acting sort of as communicators back on the hill to their colleagues and and making sure that they're at their Senate colleagues are also aligned with what the White House should happen senator Graham will be the perhaps the point person other than Mitch McConnell he was on fox news Sunday yesterday on Sunday morning futures license should say and he said that he is willing to work with senator McCollum but would like to see some rules changes to change the chamber's rules here's what you said no we'll get your reaction senator well we're not gonna let Nancy Pelosi use the rules of the Senate bandage this is danger for the presidency as an institution they've been peace the president but the speaker of the house is holding the articles back trying to extort from the Majority Leader of the Senate a trial to her liking they're trying to hold these articles over the head of the president I think the reason they're not saying in them is because they're so weak and it's a pathetic case they're looking to add something so the sooner this trial is over the better for the American people and so what I would do if she continues to refuse to send articles as required by the constitution I would work with senator McConnell to change the rules of the Senate so we can start the trial without her if necessary how soon will you move to change the rules of the Senate days not weeks what she's doing is bad for the country is bad for the Senate it keeps us from getting on with the the business of the American people it denies the present his day in court the founders never envisioned you'd have a speaker do something like this with all the articles demanding the Senate been to her will it's not gonna happen so I hope she sends them over soon so we get on with the trial if she does not our nerve center McConnell with my colleagues to change the rules of the Senate so that we can proceed with the receipt of the trial without Nancy Pelosi being involved that code of the national girls you put it out there earlier the Senate rules very much a critical part of all this what do you hear from senator Graham so there is this tension where you have a policy with holding the articles in hopes of getting a better deal out of these rules and hopes as I said that some Republicans could come over to leader Schumer and vote for a full spectrum include witnesses and documents is because Democrats have continued to see emails and reporting by The New York Times center public integrity just security and others that have given a better sense of the circumstances around the the withholding of the Ukrainian military security aid that is at the center of this probe and so they would like to see that come out in the trial and I think senator Graham is alluding to the fact that the longer this goes on the more evidence could come out the closer it gets to the election and this is not a particularly friendly both for some of the chambers more vulnerable members people like Cory Gardner Susan Collins who I mentioned earlier and center McConnell's our first priority is keeping the majority and I imagine he would prefer to not have a trial at all which is why he tends to point out this because he has very little leverage on this issue I get your thoughts on that what's also interesting that senator Graham was saying that we could potentially move to start this trial without close even sending articles arrangement over because if you look at the president's Twitter feed just over the past few weeks he has repeatedly shared the perspective some conservative constitutional scholars who argue that impeachment has not even happened until the articles are sent over to the Senate and so it I just found it kind of striking that as senator would now with knowledge that even if the articles are not sent over yes we can still move forward on impeachment trial when at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue you have a president who is saying right now I'm not impeached so all the more reason to tune into the Senate when they're in section chancer promotes he's been to this after the Senate Cavell's then at three o'clock eastern we go to Robert riverside California on the Republican line welcome courses and it was in April nine months ago that we declared the revolutionary guard a terrorist organization and obviously were even willing to kill American citizens without a trial thrown right there that will happen in the end under the Obama administration if you are considered to be a terrorist the Congress and all these politicians who are in the very surprised the truck was able to make this action in this coming when it was declared a terrorist organization okay Robert does echo yeah I know that's an excellent question because this is something that Democrats have been talking about for a while now they saw that link between the I. R. G. CD or ever on a revolutionary guard and as little as a terrorist organization and they were even back then that this could have been justification for further strikes in Iran and the killing of sewer money is this all goes the legal underpinning of this action which is crucial and Democrats are concerned that Republicans are did the company's rations going to try to use the eight you a math that with the authorized use of military force that was passed after nine eleven as a legal justification for any action in Iran which is you know that your mouth was written quite probably and there's been talk about voting on anyway enough but as I said that seems unlikely so certainly the any ties purportedly or OR legalistic Lee to to the nine eleven via around that would certainly change the Beatles the legal and and and give your to your knowledge has the president ever been presented with the option of attacking taking out to a money before I don't know the answer to that question at those types of military decisions the things that the president has in terms of options that the Pentagon presents some are held very closely even National Security Council officials don't learn about them off until the very last minute or even after the president has already authorized one of those options and so it's difficult to say whether this is been on the table before what I do think it's important to note though is that over the last few days we've heard a number of Democrats call this an assassination here and that is something that this White House has really taken a lot of issue with and not only the White House but also conservative allies on on Capitol Hill I'd I know this and continents push back against that characterization they say the assassination would be links to primarily religious or political reasons and that this was strictly a military strike and so I do think that that's a talking point that we're going to hear more of from the president next few days let's go to a cold and Ian Windsor mill Maryland.

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