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The busy travel season no pilot roger sturm with more from jfk the mistake hezbollah will passengers i guess that's pretty poor planning that sounds like it's going to be quite an issue for travellers trying to get home to their families the union says it was a computer glitch which gave pilots the days off without a replacement scheduled american is offering time and a half for crew members to return to the cockpit's but dennis taseer of the allied pilots association says noted that however they will try to work something out center require a partnership in figuring out how we get those over fifteen thousand flights man with capitalism first officers american says it will get those flights into the year rochester intended wins it jfk wins news time nine forty nine the senate expected to vote on me gop tax reform bill before the end of the day tomorrow in missouri in front of a large crowd president trump worked to sell the gop tax reform plan moving full steam ahead in the senate critics point two independent analysis that says the bill will raise taxes for the poor and give big tax cuts to the wealthy like the president who disagrees with that assessment vote to cut taxes is a vote to put america first several senate republicans have not committed but it looks like they may have the numbers to get the tax reform plan past and the president was up and tweeting this morning has you may expect this one quote failing new york times the pipe organ for the democratic party has become a virtual lobbyist for them with regard to our massive tax cut bill mayor wrong so often met now i know we have a winner that's from donald trump this morning wins news time nine fifty their bullets flying in patterson's first ward last night a confrontation between two cops and three armed suspects lease one of the cops had to fire his gun nobody hurt were told happened about five pm head north fifth in jefferson streets now the initial report was at a juvenile may have pulled a gun on the cops they're waiting for an update from the per se county prosecutor this morning cloudy now forty one with some sun out later and up to fifty three news time nine fifty one over to the dodge traffic center gamma greg rifle to wrap up at nine o'clock hour by telling you how bad.

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