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The 45th


Said, again, Democrats won't protect people with preexisting conditions that is nonsense as a voter told him Democrats created those protections he insisted he didn't praise China on the virus he did. So repeatedly we know that he claimed that nobody knew at the time he was praising China that seniors were especially susceptible to the virus that was one of the first things we learned China and out of Italy and out of the US he claimed that a Biden said in March. That the pandemic was totally over exaggerated, I can find no evidence. Biden ever said that he said that Winston, Churchill was kind of like him playing down stuff because he went on rooftops in London during the Nazi bombing and told people everything is going to be good Churchill did not speak from the rooftops and did not say everything's going to be good. He warned of suffering endanger trump said that he fired James Mattis matters resigned he protesters took over twenty percent of Seattle it was a six block area nor close to twenty percent he took credit again for sending. In the National Guard Minneapolis saying this happened after a week and a half of violence there. It was not even close to a week and a half it was days and the Democratic governor is the one who activated the guard. He said the essentially repeal the Obamacare by getting rid of the individual mandate not even close to true with Medicaid expansion preexisting conditions, protections, other stuff remains he said, the cupboards were empty of ventilators. His administration admits he inherited about sixteen thousand from Obama. He did his usual false boasts about so-called bans on travel from China and Europe they. Were not complete bands. He said stocks are owned by quote everybody just about half of Americans own stocks he repeated his nonsense about testing causing cases testing merely reveals and helps fight cases. He said that Biden has agreed to Bernie Sanders a style socialized healthcare. He fought sanders on that issue he has very much not agreed to a Sandra style plan and on. This is a preliminary list I. Have our fact checking tonight to do because there is even more than this. This was a fire hose of lying again from the president do you need a drink of water? Apologize, it was like an hour about an hour have town hall and. Like every like. Just false or misleading crazy. Okay and then well, let's talk about what he said about crime listener with the president said about crime tonight. Here it is. If you're going to stop crime. We have to give the the respect back to the police that they deserve. They've done a fantastic job in so many locations but then bad things happen. Look at New York New York was a very safe city, Rudy Giuliani, did a fantastic job. The city was safe, and then all of a sudden we have a Mary starts cutting the police force and grime is up one hundred, percent, one, hundred and fifty percent. I saw one form of crime three, hundred percent. What. Are The facts? Daniel. So, there have been spikes in certain kinds of crime in New York. City this year particularly shootings where there's been a more than one hundred percent increase not a three, hundred percent increase but substantial. The thing to remember is that crime has fallen hugely since even Giuliani's final year. So Giuliani cited over decrease then there's been a subsequent big decrease. So last year in two, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, there are fewer than half the murders under bill de Blasio were in the last year of Giuliani. So yes, this year has been an increase, but the city is still way safer than it was in Juliane last year two, thousand one. Well there you go. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story. All right. So trump has not just been crazy shit last night he has been he some crazy stuff a couple of days ago when he went to I think he was touring wear somewhere in response to the wildfires which. have been raging out of control in eleven different states right now there are eighty-seven fires happening eleven states mostly concentrate, of course in the West Coast. California Oregon Washington, state and you know apparently it's the worst they broken like every record like it's the biggest fires, the most damage because of a couple of things. But mostly because of climate change deniers are.

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