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It's an interesting. Let's talk about how. I got the route so i got a coal. I just auditions for comedy series. And that went. Well i had to read recall. And then i'll edition for mission impossible and they were like we called. There isn't really a script these scripts get kind of grin as they go along literally on these on these things even now while they're filming on the latest one all action set pieces exteriors. There's almost no dialogue. They have a rough idea of why the character is. But then they'll go in in-studio in interiors six months later figure out on rewrite and rewrite mkhori will will keep on going so that very kind of abstract jigsaw puzzles being put together those films so they will look you going the character. Europe full kind of works for this white widow character. You'll be embarrassed. Most stuff will be in paris beyond that. There is no script exists. Viole character yet hopefully are planning to do and say so. That was in place. Hold the dialogue. The the i had to do like a monologue. It was almost like a military moment of guy if speaking to his men like if we stay here we die. We're gonna be overrun. We need to get to this place and on a mosque in you to come with me. Was that kind of peace right. So did that when away and then eventually a the agent was like yeah. I think this one is gone away. I think they decided to go with someone older. The you then got off the comedy show then. I suddenly get cold same day as i got offered the comedy. Show joey. they've offered you mission impossible. And i'm like i cannot not work which on the opportunity to being a tom cruise movie. You know especially one where he's doing stuff. I have to do it man. This is a bucket list thing. But it's again it's elite of faith. You have no idea of no script sites you could say nothing. You can say something you could say load will have a co action sequence. Who knows so. We begin this this journey. From what can i say about the process. What's on the scale is super impressive. like tom. cruise can excess locations that no one else can. For example case in point that was a story in full-out white widows house off the we flee from the ground pathway the sequence with the big the rave going on we all escape and arrive in some amazing courtyard and then enter white with those remember. Where the map is planning the heist we're going to do. So that shot you see when we drive into that courtyard. That building is holds all of the national statistics and records of france prior to the french revolution. Marie-antoinette's all of that stuff any documents from pre-revolution whatever is held that then there's another building somewhere else for all the records host reputation and they like the production had tried to get. This is a location because it looks incredible and they will not no one's effing interior..

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