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For portion of today hawk then he returns and maybe this is a case of late onset symptoms which is possible when it comes to concussions gear yeah i mean that's the thing about concussion there's this this is an inexact science you don't know what you don't know it you don't know the fifth until a com and even when the symptoms may be there when you have a concussion your nine and you're right mind right so you're going to say whatever you know your instincts are them on which is play football if you're a football player nightime that attend your instincts say to keep playing football so couple piece of concussion news there by the way a note of course akotz do on a bias upcoming week there's just one more week of buys the colt are one of four teams along with the forty nine ers the panthers and somebody else that i'm forgetting offhand who go into a by is upcoming week a boy we got an update here we update frie uh uh john wall a job at running duty houston texans next thing you know tom saboteurs of pick right into the hands of mark baron wow as an ugly with at then everyone because it look the worst are would you are throwing these interceptions in the red zone rights is the pick at the foot fifteen yard line yet that demoralized of the team that demoralized your team like a team you have hope and you have that as a player you kinda here we go again asteroid straight of demoralizing play four that texans offense to basically has no margin for error going forward as well if they are probably out of ilyasova it's going to be a tough sledding in that device you street i use that term twice for them to make round up in that division especially with both tennessee in jacksonville now uh six in three going forward so we got three afternoon games the giants trying to dig themselves out of that one in seven hole it's ugly unassured they're playing for pride perhaps are playing for.

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