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Points, six points, which is amazing to me. So I'll explain the difference between those two blood pressure figures. The top figure is Sicily. The bottom figure is diet stole Sicily over digestible normally it's maybe one hundred and twenty over eighty or one hundred and ten over seventy mine tends to run about one hundred and twenty over seventy. So it's pretty good for my age. And. The top figure is one heart is actively pushing out blood. That's primary job working as a pump pump blood out eighty times a minute. So does not much time to rest in between those beats eighty times a minute less than a fraction of a second. And. The bottom figure is the diocese. All and that's really important because that's one heart refilling what blood and between beats and it's getting a really tiny tiny tiny rest if that bottom figures elevated, it's very dangerous heart snuck getting rest, it's getting really stressed out. And that's really strongly correlated with stroke risk. So lowering that top thing here by thirteen points, indicates that the blood vessels are opening up more, successfully when heart pumps blood. It's being pumped through the big blood vessels called offers to your brain, and your kidneys, and your organs and your muscles etcetera. And if the blood vessels don't pop open, which takes a lot of energy, by the way. Twelve dilation if they don't pop open that's called resistance. The heart has to sweep the blood through pressure is coming up. So that top figure is showing that the blood vessels are working much better, which is similar to the effects that the beach has on people who are exercising improving. The flow of blood on the muscles. The bottom figure winter when a winner at shows that you lowering the risk of stroke. So this is the beach and blood pressure there. Here's the torch cherry. Here's the torch cherry. That's from Northumbria university. Which is all also in the UK. It's also in England. That's the American journal clinical nutrition. These are men with early stages.

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