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Williams is being carted off. to the far side to the right of our broadcast location. to the tune in the good news was it is the the thumbs up but also as you've been attended to on the field you could see his legs moving around so yeah movement is it forever. so Erin Jones will get the lion's share of the work now the prior to this week it had been a combination of Jones and Williams their third string running back dexter Williams looking at a Notre Dame is. SO three tied into this formation they will send Erin Jones to the white as a receiver. until the twenty sixth largest rose in its own time on a cricketer to double. he's got it for nine yards short of the first down to the thirty five yard line well all week they talked about how they want to get the markdowns more involved in this offense you only have four targets all catches last week in this is a guide came off of the monsters here last year he had a hundred eleven reception. thirteen hundred yards and budget touchdowns and they felt like he's been a little bit of an afterthought so for this year double digit touchdowns in three straight seasons for adults what if. jurors as he drove to the bucket Sydney Jones got beat on the play. this is an American football running if no contact with off the one the scrimmage it happened just runs right by an invisible for throwing me right on the number it's a mid stride and if it's not for a huge string paschal my Sidney Jones divide the Adams is in the end zone. a fifty eight yard pass play for Green Bay and they set up first and goal Green Bay takes the first. thirty seconds..

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