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So we thought it would be appropriate for the two hundred episode to to recap some of the top takeaways from the last one hundred episodes since I recap at the one hundred up Assode. But also, we thought it would be really fitting based on our own recent big news and feedback we've gotten from you guys to also talk about what we think is probably the most important factor when it comes to health, and we've said it before and that's community because it's something that really has been driven home for both of us personally in west couple of weeks, and we wanted to share a little bit of our story kind of an update from the ground in the aftermath of hurricane Michael. And also just talk about the lessons that we're seeing here on the ground and the real beauty of that. So they're gonna kinda give an overview of what's happened in our lives the last couple of weeks. Sure. Well, I announced I announced on mommy Pondimin. That I was moving over to wellness moment. You guys would be you. And I would be co blogging there and one of the things I mentioned in that post is that loneliness is higher risk factor than obesity smoking, an high blood pressure. You know, when terms of its effect on our health, and that can be true. Even if we don't necessarily feel lonely, which I think a lot of us really, maybe don't realize that we go through periods where we're getting most of our connection via social media. And I'm definitely in favor of that on social media quite a bit. But having real people in your life that can come dig you out of a hole is also a really important because I don't know not all people have the same style of communication. But when I get really stressed. I don't I stopped communicating. I kind of go internal and focus inward and stop asking for help. And so having people in my life who recognize that in me you've done this before Katie of been like you're going to lunch with. Me this week. You know, getting me out and helping me see things in a different light is one aspect. There's like a MRs.

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