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Pride so our buddy jason fitz is going to be very happy about that in that series even up to two as well penguin's predators jets have been terrific sir john was watson that's now we're going to get game sevens it's going to be great playoff off the top nfl there's big time money for matty ice fat ryan signing a five year extension with the falcons based on contract from supported by our own chris mortensen moored has it that ryan will become the first player of the deal worth a hundred million dollars in guarantees it's thirty million average annual value per guide is early thirties obviously atlanta's hoping he can still be awfully successful when he's thirty seven because they're giving them a ton of money and not only for matt ryan great news but now aaron rodgers is sitting there thinking pitching boy talk about oh my gosh this is we'll get into a little more aaron rodgers just sitting there rubbing his hands together like oh yeah happen the other four major sports football by far the the last to get that first hundred million dollar guaranteed versus the nba back in ninety six with alonzo mourning then in ninety eight and baseball it was kevin brown one of the dodgers and then in two thousand and eight it was alex ovechkin with the capitals and now ten years later two thousand eighteen you get your first footballer with matt ryan so congrats to him a guy that that he and peyton manning over at this time ryan has over forty one thousand seven hundred twenty he and peyton manning the two quarterbacks in nfl history to pass for forty thousand yards in their first ten seasons got obviously a ton of fourth quarter game winning drive so guy got paid man good for him good guy good guy great family just had a twins i believe it was good to talk it's nice to see good things happen.

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