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Her daughters has been amazing. Human being he just realized that all of us have amazing for this evening location. He just didn't plan and he's a very human being with long hands like something a little different. So of course we go to india. And what i loved was how they literally saw the very fact. Three of us are there to take care of so card. The son-in-law in the family who in indian country is very special global fan printing that he got and he changed and tried. Maybe seven eight different things and there was no urgency communist. Not nobody did any just left us with such an amazing experience and so proud and if you know if a retail store allowed to tip i would have kept that day a lot of money because of the family pride and the moment they create its really appreciate the war. All of you have done and had to share the story. What the brand. Every time i hear good stories about reveal beaten my own company samsonite or gear. Beat outside. I feel very proud because i think there's a lot of detailing which goes into retail. There's a lot of Education which is their. Imagine a person who's working in that store from morning till evening eight o'clock stat begun speed and doing the same book day in day out and remaining the same inspired says every time when the consumer walks in. It's fantastic job. So i think this is my moment of being attributed to all my retailer friends so i would not let you get away with that tribute so easy video so bashan and the tribute came so far so much from your heart you know if anyone because trying to get into retail industry day creeks were to be a little different. You know to have that fried that you have in the retail industry like what does it take roussel successfully in the retail industry. I think the first requirement to want to do it to be there to Make people happy and i. I've asked this question too many successful To manage i go and meet them during my daily beat and asked them to do this job and majority of the time they actually say that we love to meat consumers we love to be with them and every moment that a consumer walks in the consumer buys does not by is a moment for them with the cherish they enjoy and the second part of course israel down to the brass tacks which is someone who's willing to get into detail someone who's willing to end the day after bring all this abbey work by being the monday and stuff like stop count and money coundon stuff like that. So it's real commissioner of for being bashing to consumer and being killed about every single thing in the store he at the positioning automatic in the store of the little bit of dust on the window. Everything has to gets. The attention of retailer tend to assure to me with my experience in hospitality. One of the things i found was working. And we were trying to recruit the right and the team member. the team. That baffled the heck out of me was they were interviewing all these future. Rockstar key members sitting in a conference around the conference table..

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