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It would've looked amazing. Hopefully, I can still get my hands on it. Maybe not the one he had in the video because the one he had in the video has been locked away inside the chess. Most of the forgotten for life for a lifetime along with that t shirt, but. Dustin Rhodes destined roads remain. So gold dust is no longer with the WWE. I guess the contract is over and it was announced this week that not only will Dustin Rhodes or Justin Runnells, or however he's going to be known not only will he be it's dark cast. But at the W inaugural paper, you some people think that all in is the inaugural. I don't I mean, it wasn't a e w was all in was a specialty all in was the predecessor to the inaugural Awa pay per view, this excess of all in led to the creation of eight e w AWS inaugural show is double or nothing and one of the big matches at double or nothing. It was officially announced will be gold dust or I'm sorry, Dustin Rhodes or destined Reynolds versus Cody it's going down. And you know, I think that that's amazing. You know, I think that. Awa this moment has the ability to do almost anything and for people to respond with. That's cool. Could because they haven't screwed anything up yet. You know, everything that they've done has not been screwed up. Once they start screwing up is when people are going to start looking at them with a speculative. I, however as long as everything they're doing is succeeding and everything they're doing works and feels reasonable and feels organic. I think people are going to continue to be excited about the potential eighty w is generally looked at with a lot more optimism than WWE is because WWE has several decades of succeeding and several decades of screwing up as well. Eighty w has had the people associated with a w have had a couple of successes and zero failures. So when you're when that's your batting average people are going to assume that there's going to be home runs. You know, we've seen gold dust versus stardust before. And that wasn't. I don't think what it could have been. However, that's not Cody versus Dustin. That's not at double or nothing. That's not under eighty w. You know, I think that if there's anything we've seen with gold dust in the WWE it's that when he got clean, and when he kind of cleaned up his life. He seemed like he got a new motivation for. Wrestling for being in shape. And you know, it was every time he would have a match somebody on commentary would talk about the Benjamin button rule applying to gold in the sense that he just somehow as he gets older only gets younger, and I think that that dust in Ronald's has everything to prove come all or nothing. I think the Dustin Ronald's needs to go out there and prove that not only can he still go, but that he can go without the gold character. You know? And I think that he's wrestling a new Cody this is not the same Cody that played stardust us. This is a new main event caliber, Cody. And so I think that there's a whole new backdrop behind this match. There's a whole new layout..

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