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The biggest stories on the south coast from the WBZ newsroom. Here's Tim Weisberg. This. He's WBZ news. Forty four degrees under cloudy skies. Thirty say to New Bedford men found dead in an apartment last night died of a suspected drug overdose. The Bristol County district attorney's office as a fifty year old male resident of the union street address and a twenty eight year old male friend of his were found unresponsive just before midnight last night by a roommate in the living room of their apartment. The two men were pronounced dead at the scene while the toxicology report on the pending the DA's office has cut plastics draw with a white powdery residue was discovered on the coffee table near the two men. While plans for the expansion of a New Bedford charter school or approved. Another school was placed on probation during yesterday's board of elementary and secondary education meeting. The board voted to play city on a hill. New Bedford on probation a recommendation made by state education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley Riley made the recommendation in January eleventh memo to the board proposing conditions of probation that would require major improvements. So the schools adherence to a charter and academic program and performance board members cited high absenteeism is one of the factors for probation. ABC disposal has informed. The city of New Bedford that they'll continue to experience delays on some of their roots in the city ABC will continue to collect until dark tonight. ABC asks any residents who is trash and recycling was not picked up today to leave their receptacles on the street. ABC crews will complete any delayed roots tomorrow morning. At a Massachusetts, doctor who aronie Asli removed a kidney from the wrong patient has received a reprimand from the state the telegram and gazette reports and the story Tuesday that the state board of registration and medicine issue. It's reprimanded. Dr anchor power week last month after he admitted to the error. The board says in two thousand sixteen zero urologist removed a healthy kidney from sixty five year old Albert Hubbard junior after mistakenly reading the cat scan of another man with the same name who had has had his abdomen scan the same day, the state cataloged three mistakes on Perec's part and said it fell below the standard of care including electing to remove the Kinney despite observing. It wasn't heavy with tumors per week. Did not return a message left. Worcester office on Wednesday news time four zero five and WBZ FM sports. The Celtics are home tonight against the Cavaliers the Bruins are off until Tuesday when they'll face Abegg.

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