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Idiot now. I was sure you loved guardians of the galaxy. I liked guardians of the galaxy. But he's not my favorite part of guardians of the galaxy. You like that little group character. I've never seen it. So i don't even know if that's a character and gardening is it grew is not a little in the first one. He's a big but gets routed upgraded. Yeah know i. I've said this many times in past matriarch movies. But i'm always very interested in how movies portray school and often teachers are bumbling idiots. They are not really aware of what's going on in kids lives. They're often making the wrong decision. They're saying something callous. They're saying something sexist or racist or you know everybody's facing forward with a chalkboard or they're overly happy or whatever and this movie didn't fail Jacob simmons screaming in the woods The first victim and is like let it out let it yeah doubt and eventually is like oh it sounds like you know. He eventually follows his nose but He's the only teacher we really see. I think in this movie yeah. that's right. yeah there was. Oh oh speaking of of men in this movie. I assume in the version you saw as well. My aliens love interests shows up at the very end. Is that in your paxton lance henriksen. O- he's in this. Wow okay. mary's. We watch different versions so i didn't with the ver. Okay oh okay. Let's talk about this great. This is yeah. Go ahead at the end of the movie when needy is hitchhiking and then a car pulls over and it's a would penalty sham. That's lens henriksen. Bishopi man. That's my sweet bishop in. Yeah i did like how the credits show needy into her. Own power and data aging. Yeah yeah i. I love it. I think it was like one of the last shots. Was adam brody's character with like the knife in his chest like it was like that screen said like written by cody like it was greatly screen-grabbed Yeah oh totally totally. Yeah no. I'm glad that you know we. We went to we started in You know juvie mental facility and then ended there and the twist is that she got bit by a demon. And i'm just like oh. This is super creative. This is super. They didn't stop. It's like yes she would be changed. She did go through something and would have this thing inside her. That needs to be fed in a way using it. I wanna say for good but using it for vengeance using it right her purpose versus just like needing to keep a monster fed. Like i feel like yeah. There is kind of the. You know anita's body there's needs body bodies body you know Needy needy. He osama problem like needy. How do you solve a problem. Like maybe i don't know mary. I'd ask morita. I did love. I did love the casting. Choice of of amana siegfried. I call her creed or sure as needy. I thought you know because this was after mean girls. Yeah and i. I know that she was kind of she wasn't she didn't blow up like you know Rachel mcadams let's kind of took a different. She took a different route but was eventually got her her do. She was in mama. Mia on the deal before jennifer's body right. I feel like that was well. Said she do anything else. It was whole four years after so. Yeah yeah she did mean girls a dozen four. She was in his movie. Nine lives with really good inches at five. No cats cats. She was nine cats..

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