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Sterling spoke about he juxtaposed Lampert and jared on one side. With Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole on the other I think maybe could have come up with better examples, but. Still. If these people are complaining. If you're pointing out that there is an issue there you as a Premier League have to show me I. think that other than printing this on the back of jerseys. You now have to follow through except you're saying. This is my corporate messages well fine by then remind us of the things they do have programs, and whatever whatever it is. They have goals that they want to reach and whatever. Talk more about it. Keep us. On it. And hopefully these attitudes will change over time final thing on this not on this on. There's talk now of it's interesting was in Spain. They're saying fans back in stadium in July yet in the primarily, they're saying well. Let's we'll do a test possibly in September, and then maybe I'll be back by the end of the year. Just kind of strikes like. Nobody really knows they just want to be prepared. Depending on what happens with the pandemic, that's all we can hope for right. Yes, definitely and again every country will be different. The UK is a bit behind. In terms of weather, pandemic is and the situation is compared to other countries I mean. If you said to me sixty thousand. Sixty thousand seater, and you can have five thousand in there could a good start you start with that, and then maybe a month later you can increase it to ten. Thousand I think he would be little by little step-by-step, and now just all in one. Go back together and I think again. We'd have to be very cautious in how you you do, but I think aiming for funds to come back as soon as possible. He's not a bad thing as long as you don't do anything crazy and just Russia. Just, rushing, absolutely right nothing, let's get to the good football. Let's talk to sit..

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