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Hi, welcome in week. Eight is in the books as the QB podcast with Alber prayer. And we're gonna kick things off here with the big news of the week which without question is the shakeup in Cleveland head coach Jackson gone offensive coordinator, Todd Haley, and there's a there's plenty of blame to go along go around you can blame Hugh for thinking that it would work with Todd Haley for hiring Todd Haley and for handling the situation in staff the way that he has plagued plane Todd Haley for being difficult to get along with you blame John Dorsey for signing off on all of this. But to me, I think the finger here has to be pointed at the very top of the organization straight at Jimmy has them. And the reason why. This isn't the first time the Browns have been down this road. In fact, this is exactly the issue. They've had since Jimmy has got the team. And the problem was what what what happened in Cleveland over the last few weeks is that it was so foreseeable. In fact, if you want to go back and look at it go back to two thousand and thirteen Jimmy has lem hires. Joe banner hires Michael Mbarga, if you talked to anybody in the league back, then they would have told you that was not gonna work. There was going to be personality conflict a year later that thing blew up. Just like so many people predicted it would. His next hires GM farmer head coach Mike Patton, two guys who didn't know each other two guys who from a personality standpoint didn't really mesh and before too long. There are problems there too. Then he hires Hugh Jackson and Sashi Brown two guys with such different backgrounds. And the whole thing we were sold on was there's going to be checks and balances here, and there's going to be an old school per share a new school there, and it's all going to work together. And guess what before you know, it? Fingers are being pointed again. And then most recently in January. I can't tell you. How many people? Looked at the marriage of Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley and said to me how is that gonna work? And so I think it's very easy to point fingers in this case again, there's a lot of blame to go around. But I'm pointing my finger at the owner because this has been a blind spot for Jimmy has lem is he's matching the wrong people together and not only are there warning signs internally. But if you look at cross the league, I like the bad relationships have taken so many organizations down Indianapolis Ryan Grigson Chuck Pagano. San Francisco Tremp alc- and Jim Harbaugh, Los Angeles less need, and Jeff Fisher, we've seen so many organizations. Get into just. Terrible rut because one side of the organization of the football operation isn't getting along with another side of the football operation, and I'm bringing Jenny Connor now. He's making the same estate over and over and over again, I think he's got potentials and owner to from a business standpoint they've done a good job. Like, if you talk to people in the room, they say Jimmy's made a real effort to be involved in the league level. But God, I mean, it's the same thing over and over and over again, and they wonder whether a circus, and you see Jimmy sitting up there and saying we're not gonna put up with internal discord, you invite it you invited it. And it was just I mean to me like, look I like both you and Haley like personally like I. But like, I think anybody who couldn't see that coming just wasn't looking. I think he set up the dynamic too. You know, when he obviously Jackson's how she Brown didn't get along. But then, you know, bring John Dorsey into, you know, a make use of the draft capital that they had accumulated. But then you're pairing first-year geom- with head coach he didn't pick who was already on thin ice having gone one and thirty one in the first two year..

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