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I think history against like the very very best so How To beat the to that baby because he do for the rest of his career he was just GonNa pay cut of thrashed off court. Basically I mean this was on this was when Madrid was on the heart so less surprising the he beat recipes especially rougher on a hardcore back in two thousand six really had little of today to improve his game. But I do remember just every time I think. Rafa played burdette after that match. I was like Ooh go bird. Go is number replica. Reverse that will they should still was always a quality fire always day. I think you could be anyone say see. He retired last. Jaden Hiebert finally after injury problems. So let's move onto our forth Madrid moment and this is actually from the women's side because Madrid is a combined. Event is a master's level of for the men is a premier mandatory. I think for the women and we again going back over a decade ago. You to for me. A moment I think is tinged with sadness Kim because it's Def- Dinara Safina's super clay season in two thousand nine number one and she had a really epic crises and two four finals and she won the biggest title of her career at the time. Probably now to be honest as well at the at Madrid. And you know she was playing really good. Tennis and issue was kind of really informed during the clay court swing and she'd already been in the Grand Slam final in in Australia. Epa nothing she'd risen. It's kind of wild number one and it felt like this was a moment and Madrid was along that path to the French. Open right on garrels where you just felt that it was written in the stars for Safina to to come out and win it and kind of break doc in terms of like Grand Slam titles and she went into that she went into. She went into that. French is probably one of the favorites. Got To the finals. I think you know I was reading. Got To the quarter finals. Drops fifteen games managed to get to the final but didn't wasn't able it's going to get to the line. Yeah I remember watching that final against the road and Garo Swift Safina. She was like my favorite women's fire at the time. Because I think the full in two thousand and a Garros Safina had been like pretty much dowd in like almost all matches and had made these like epic comebacks. I think just really indeed had to me and I saw it following her more because of that I did not find in two thousand eight. She kinda lost quite three two so you know a year later. She's had this amazing run on the clay got to like all of the flake. Oh finals at which I think she's the pledge of dots to make all four of them which is amazing in itself so she want Madrid. I think she will say one room. But yeah she gets the road and Garros Final steamrolls. I way through the tournament and then comes up against in the final and leases in straight-sets and all has lime fine was three intelligible. She lost them all in straight-sets 'cause she just mentally just couldn't Massively she just couldn't put a game together in the final which just such a shame because she is one of guys that you really ought of managed to get one slam under her belt. But it's just the way especially as the world number-one as well because you're always going to have that monkey on your back is like yes. You're well number one. But how many grounds tights and you know pay is will come out and say I for me. Rankings on titles are more important namely Grand Slams and I think that was one of the issues. We've kind of Safina. Is that it at the time. She was getting fair Real Purple Patch. Think she got to eight finals. Kind of the two thousand nine season including two Grand Slam final. She made the semi-finals women as well. But let's we'll talk about that a sack real puzzle ashamed that I think the biggest career your biggest career is the Madrid. Because you feel like it shouldn't be. That should have been should have been the French. Open in two thousand nine and it was kind of sad because you know from that point on you know after the French Open. It kind of did spiraled down a little bit and kind of go on as I said to kind of Wimbledon came semifinals Venus Williams. While number. One you guys love and one. It's not great for the for the tool for the world number-one Blair yeah. I think she had a lot of issues. Around people thinking she wasn't a credible player to be number one in the world And oversee. I think that probably didn't help in the fact that she wasn't that across the finish line at slams or she didn't even get into a winning position you know. She lost all his finals in straight sets and just that was really had tied and that was that was kind of a million and interestingly in Madrid She wasn't in the final and obviously we'll snacky similar kind of story really well number. One hadn't won a slam at that point again. People sort of saying the same things you would. We really remember you. You know if lab in the same way. It's not the same. It's just been well number one oversee years later snacky in a finally did get Islam. He's off they go. Maybe if Savina carried on gay group longer she eventually had her day in the Sun. I think injury really did it in the end. I think he was hit back because actually two years later she retired. I think actually the last match of her career was injured. So I think it's choir symbolic place for Herat Chilean. I'd also I think she. She trained to low in Spain. I think she speaks fluent Spanish. Think she spent a lot of our time subsequent. Nice for her. It's kind of like her adopted country if he likes say I think the tournament and hair kind of gained a I guess forever sort of intertwine somewhat because of these moments okay. We are back for some more moments from Madrid in our trip. Down Memory Lane and again. We're going to be getting back to two thousand nine now for a men's match which for me came in. Vos One of your favorite players put. Well your favorite player and I to me. I want to say this is my favorite match between Rafael Nadal. You're rich on tennis. Call Bob. Maybe the Australian Open final. They played in the Madrid semi final and the Dow came out victorious. Three six seven six seven six. He won eleven nine in the final set. Tiebreak it was. It was a match that went over four hours. It was just a really high quality it was just a really high quality tennis match and I think it is on that list of not only best matches only best matches in the rivalry between the down jock which is just think this is just one of the best matches that was that has been played on the ATP tour because it was so good. Because I think jock of each was really kind of at this point really. He really understood how you played. Cadel land coming that match. He felt that he was playing some of the best Tennessee ever produced. Now I think he'd won. He won more points day even but the Dow was just found some way to to get over the line. Yeah I remember actually this match. I was watching stuck on my computer watching on a stream and I was thinking. Oh my goal. She's going on and honestly such a long tough battle I say into it was it was fantastic. I think arguably yeah is the best three-set match ever was one could say. I don't own a lost episode. Show we were talking about our favorite matches and this would certainly be a contender for for that. But we'd LE- Under this might sound of out there. I remember this much because it was the day of the year vision some contests that year in two thousand and nine so I have sort of say shit on that but yeah it was interesting because two thousand nine. This was the season the rougher lost Robin Soderling garrels so Boston while that places and didn't go so well as it went on and actually tournament rather lost the final the next day to Federer so oversee this match must take and say much our affair four hours long Iraq. Rosario is still had an impact was season where I think kind of Novak Djokovic really showed you really kind of pushed Nadal to the limit on a tennis coach on a clay court in the clay season and the impact of it was ultimately. I think further down the road right on Garros. Nadal Ernie made the fourth round loss to loss to Robin Soderling I think matches like this really kind of took its toll on him and had if as you said a physical impacts that meant the you know. He didn't think he had as much left in the tank. When it got to write on garrison say some of the other seasons where he kind of was coast to victory but the fact that he was kind of able to put on these matches absolute delight delighting. The crowds and You know is one of those rivalries has certainly is delivered at Grand Slam level and it delivered its delivered on the tool in the tool tournaments as well in the best of three set full. Matt and you know I can. I can think of of you know I can think of other matches kind of this one. Klay cool how come back back. Guard in. In Madrid's against Novak Djokovic that really sets it up and it was something the definitely delivered but Yeah again listen. Let's not think that was one of the best matches ever on the the ATP circuit. Are there any others? Maybe if there are other Nidal thus is Jock. Vich matches of a better than that better. Yeah let's be interesting. We'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Let's move on to our next memory. I think we've got three more left for listeners. So this next one actually is a bit of a break free. When it was in two thousand fourteen and it consents. Dominic team who came up against Stanford. Rinker team was a twenty year old Australian qualifier at the time. Of course nowadays. We know him as a very accomplished player. He's not grandson just yet. But we feel like it's on the cards especially on a clay court where he's really He is really hard to to live with. And you know in Madrid in two thousand fourteen. He came up against stomach drinker. And and just Shoji some of those qualities you know. We've we've seen in the years ahead. And he came out. He came out in a winning. A Topsy Turvy match. Actually one six six two six four but I think that day it kind of shared you on the circuit. Yes we've been talking about the big T- than we were talking about the big three about the big full bachelor. There are other players kind of talking about as well and that's not just Denver anchor as dominate team as well. Yeah it is interesting and its look back six years ago now and see when these players that are now off the top of the game sort of emerged onto the scene. And at the time you so of maybe miss some of these moments With have hindsight and reflection that you can kind of appreciate the significance of the of the This was pretty much..

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