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Cincinnati lawmakers lining up ahead of elections certification this week that all coming off a new controversial trump phone call with 1 30 Report. I'm Jack Crumley, breaking now local Republican congressman Brad Wind Strip on with our own Bill Cunningham, saying that he has questions about the constitutionality. The way electors are chosen in different states. Republicans have not won the White House with a. I think only one with a majority popular popular vote in like 32 years we win by use of the electric electrical college. We don't want to see that go away. Congress does meet this week to certify election results. And there are reportedly a number of Republicans who plan on challenging that Senator Rob Portman of Terrace Park, putting out a statement saying he will not be one of them. Meantime, a phone call this weekend between the president and Georgia's secretary of state, demanding a vote recount. George's Republican secretary of state Brad Rapids, Berger, says there may be a conflict of interest, preventing the state election board from launching an investigation into the comments made by President Trump during their hour long phone call on Saturday. I understand The phone county district attorney wants to look at it. Maybe that's the appropriate venue for to go. During that call, the president appeared to pressure Rapids Burger to find votes to change the outcome of the election in Georgia. Joe Biden won that state by nearly 12,000 votes. Asked by ABC if he thought the president's request was lawful Rapids, Burger said, quote. I'm not a lawyer. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS Washington Rapids. Berger says the president's claims of widespread fraud in Georgia are quote just plain wrong. Now the latest traffic and weather together. From the UC have traffic centers and losing weight loss center offer solutions for life changing weight loss, but that you see health outcomes slash weight loss to take the next step. There is an accident. Nothing more found 75 between Norwood, lateral and town straight. It's blocking the left lane and traffic is backing up towards the actual construction continues to block Riverside drive both directions between Adam's Crossing and Delta. Avenue in a couple accidents elsewhere right now one and cold Rain Avenue north, banding together, girlie near tux. Worth Avenue. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 wlw. Now ladies forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw clouds decreased this afternoon is highs make it into the low forties will cool tonight back down to the freezing mark. But there is a quick moving system that comes through. It will bring us a wintry mix for the morning drive of Tuesday and then the rest of the day Club. Only with a high of 41 from your severe weather station. I'm nine first morning meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark News. Radio. 700 wlw radar shows cloudy skies It is 38 degrees right now. Good news. Already 163,000 Highlands.

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