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And the Philippines Clinical turmoil is the ousted prime minister of Pakistan crash fell David Hume tenderly the acclaimed photographer in what he sees in photos from the invasion of Ukraine And the return of our future movies you miss super cattle of you know the rest and music from ultimatum a Toronto duo first we have our newscast Today is Saturday April 16th 2022 Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Amy held The mayor of Kyiv says one person was killed and several wounded in a missile strike on the capital Russian warplanes are also targeting lviv in the west where Ukraine's air force says they've shot down four Russian missiles and Pierre's Ada Peralta has more from eastern Ukraine In the past a couple of days fighting continues across the country in poltava not far from here A man was reported killed by a missile strike in harkey where I just came from There's shelling every day and the fighting is intensifying in the Donbass region in the east and here in nipro the air raid sirens haven't stopped all night and all day In the south officials in mariupol are reporting terrifying Russian plans for a city that has already suffered so much The BBC's Sasha schlichter says starting Monday Russia aims to close off all exit routes round up all remaining men and take them to a filtration camp 7 weeks of relentless Russian shelling have reduced the port city to rubble but there are still more than a 150,000 people trapped in mariupol Now according to Petro and the shinka a senior aide to the mayor the Russians planned to seal off all routes in and out of Mario round up all men and take them to the nearby town of Navarro which they held since 2014 There the man would be divided into groups some would be forcibly mobilized into the Russian occupation call others be sent back to Maria to clear up the mountains of rubble and the rest placed in detention Mister Andrew shinka said filtration involved abuse and even mock executions He claims many who failed the screening are then disappeared The BBC's Sasha schlichter reporting voters in France are set to choose their next president in runoff next weekend But NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports from Paris many voters say they don't want either candidate It used to be.

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