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After the game with the idea that Edwin be active tomorrow. That's badger, Aaron Boone Frazier going down to Scranton wilkes-barre, the Aki say it's better for him to be playing every day a showdown for first place ahead as the Yanks host the raise Monday night I three with Tampa Bay half game. And back of the bombers in the AL the Mets lose three of. A four to the cardinals. Paul D young keeps killing the Mets. He broke a three three tie in the eighth inning yesterday with a solo shot off Chris flex, and they held on for a four two three victory Mets starter Jason Vargas allowed three runs. Two earned on one hit a Paul Goldschmidt. First inning. Two run Homer. Vargas, went just four innings he left at the bottom of the fourth with cramping and his calf during an app. That took that I swang about my hamstring really cramped up a really hard and I just couldn't get rid of that, and continue to keep cramp in, but, you know seemed to go away. Came in got some fluids, and I got some treatment on it. So. I would have liked to happen that really not sure how it did. JD Davis, JR. Dany Echavarri, and Juan lagaras, each had an RBI knocked for the Mets. But they fell to thirty four and thirty seven Noah Syndergaard to the I L with a strained hamstring. It'll be the Mets at the Braves Monday night, and the first of three the start of an eleven game road trip on the scoreboard American League raised edge, the angel six five, the Red Sox. Eight six in ten over the Orioles. The blue Jay slam the Astros twelve zip royals eight twins six Indians. Eight nothing over the Tigers Trevor Bauer with his first career shutout. The Mariners took down the as six to three in the National League. The Braves clobber the Phillies fifteen to one the nationals. Demolished the Diamondbacks fifteen to five pirates nip the Marlins five to four. The dodgers three two winners over the cubs in the Senate. I came Russell Martin driving in the go ahead run in the eighth with a single. The brewers beat the giants five three. It was the Padres fourteen..

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