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Retirement plan for you and your situation. Give us a call 866597 10 48 66597 10 40. Give you a couple minutes to call in and said that time up with my Canete and Ryan Herbert and back to the conversation here on the savvy investor, radio and savvy investor podcast, Ryan does it really boiled down to income? Is that really what we have to be focused on? And if so, like you've been saying what age should we start to shift? That thinking to income instead of grow, grow grow. I think that the the the mindset change for most people happens around 55. That's just natural because that's when people start thinking about retirement man. It would be really nice. Back of retired 57. I want to go out at 60. We'll give us a call 866597 10 48 66597 10 40. And we can start running those numbers and showing you what retirement can look like for you. And just last Tuesday, I was having this conversation with some existing clients of mine. They came from the radio. So they called me about. I don't know. Four years ago when they were the husband, Mike was 55. Karen was 49. They said, you know, Mike wants to retire. At age 60. He wants to be done. I'm going to keep working for a number of years because I like what I do, but we want to make sure that we can replace mix income stream in retirement, So we sat down and we went through all the numbers. We said all right of the $800,000 that you guys have saved. We need to take $352,637. That's not the exact number that was for them, But that's how exact it becomes. But it was right around $300,000 that we took. And we set aside for income so that no matter what happened when Mike hits age 60, he can retire with Karen's income and the income coming from the investments. It got them to the point where they could wait until Mike's full retirement age at 66 to collect his Social Security, and then we could stop that particular income stream. And then when Karen finally decided she wants to retire at 65. It'll turn back on, and we'll create more income for them so that they have this income stream that they cannot live. And so we did this about four years ago, when the plant's been working really, really well, the money's been growing as as it's supposed to to generate the income they need at that point. In the future, But you know they had a phone call with me because we're doing tax planning. This is the same couple. I talked about last segment where we're doing. Roth conversions were switching money from their IRA to their to their Roth doing. Those conversions were stopping their traditional Forlan care contributions, putting it in rock, and we're just talking about all the implications. Not only now, but what happens to them in the future and She asked me she goes since we did that the income plan. You know, we know we have the income and retirement. I'm nervous about what's been going in the stock market because it just keeps going up. I think that the the others she was going to drop and we're going to have that pull back in the market. What should we do? I think I wanted to take all my money and put it in cash. And I said You know, Karen, that's I can make that argument that the stock market is overheated. It can't just continue to go up. But let's think about it from perspective of we made sure that no matter what happens, you guys have the income that you need so everything that we're investing now everything you have in your 41 K for the next 10 years because that's how much longer she wants to work. That is all. Extra money. Do you want to see that money? Go up, 10%. How about 20%? Are you okay with a 5% drop 10% drop 20% drop and we really gauged out the numbers of what they were mentally comfortable with taking the arrest And that's where that smart risk comes into plant. We're taking the least amount of risk necessary to accomplish their goals. At the end of the day. They know that they have their kids. They have the income that they need in retirement, and they can eat it, too, by having that money out there in the market and seeing those big returns that they wanted, and it's all because they hurt us on the radio, and they gave us a call at 866597 10 48 66597 10 40 for the next five callers that have saved at least $500,000 more for retirement. Give us a call and come and sit down with micro myself, and we'll go over your own customized retirement plan that has that income plan aspect attached to it that has the tax plan attacks to it. We're going to talk about long term care. We're going to talk about life insurance. We're gonna talk about legacy planning. We're going to talk about a state planning. We're going to take a look at your 41 k. Make sure your money is working the best way possible for you all of the aspects of a proper Financial plan. Come in, sit down with Mike and myself, and we'll do this on an absolutely complementary basis. 866597 10 48 66597 10 40 Thanks so much for that Ryan will give you a couple minutes to call in folks and set the time up with Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert Approach Status Financial Advisors Group, of course, here on the stabbing investor, radio and savvy investor podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the savvy investor podcast so you can catch all this great content. Also a lot of great interviews from a lot of celebrities that you know and love like, For example, this week, it was Tim Allen.

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