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The world's largest pr firm to plan stories about hampton creek again. Now it's called just but at the time hampton creek. They hired a consultant to try to work with food retailers to not carry the product and the pinnacle was that they even had death threats against josh petric of course claiming later that they were joking but who makes jokes about killing see ova american company so that was discovered. The guardian broke the story. That's the same media outlet broke. Ed wood squidward snowden story and then it made global headlines and my favorite headline by the way it was in quartz cutlets courts And this is by the time this was happening him to creek head. Mayonnaise called just mayo. And the headline was there. Literally is a government conspiracy against vegan male and that turned out exactly true there was literally government conspiracy against hampton creek and vegan mail. So that's what happened. And even david letterman at the time made a joke about it. And so you know if you can have the guardian break. The story and david letterman talk about in his monologue. We've got a long way aristocracy. Here at lack competitions are back in action. We've heard from so many of your already completed. Local races are signed up for all events. And it bears repeating..

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