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The coin base twitter account and it's blog macos will venture partner george john built a successful career in marketing as cofounder of rocket fuel so what does he make that the current controversy surrounding big tech firms like facebook and google about policing content who merck selena way and caught up with george at the goldman sachs conference discussed that and investing in a tackle its both the productivity somalians headed consequences like the facebook news theater the twitter feed near there are a lot of good natured computer scientists i think he's trying to help people find content that they would like to read rain but unfortunately that that creates these bubbles where you know if you're a bit extreme and all ucs more and more as treating content grade your view of the world is quite different right for someone else his beating at other kind of constant thing is partly know that that goodnatured let's be helpful than being gamed obviously by bad actors in the system and i think you know there's a lot of areas in computing i guess where did that more of all to try and keep the bad guys that will traits obviously church in detection and other forms of computer security but i think we just hadn't thought about these open forums and the extent to which we need to be thinking about security there as well and artificial intelligence has obviously greatly helped the company's target and better reach consumers so what are some of the other intended consequences that technology such a dilbert strict whereas adams who the voice of dover said you know the only reason advertising is legal is because it doesn't work i think he'd honestly with some of these companies with essentially a computer brain the size of the planet this developed intense mastery of how to.

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