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Time is 3 30. Great Britain and the You have made a free trade deal with just a week to go before the Brexit deadline Once ratified, Britain and the 27 Nation European Union can continue to trade goods. It's Dr Anthony Fauci Day in Washington, D C today. That's because it's Dr Fauci is 80th birthday, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been sold a billionaire Ron Burkle for $20 million. That's a fraction of its 2015 asking price of 100 million. The 2700 Acre ranch is 30 minutes outside of Santa Barbara. NORAD, continuing its annual holiday tradition of tracking Santa as he delivers president's NORAD commander General Van Herck tells Fox and Friends. Santa has a familiar face at the head of the slave. We can confirm Rudolph is leading the sleigh ride. We picked Rudolph's nose up. It gives off a heat signature. Our satellites detected that soon after he left the North Pole. Our next update at four o'clock. I'm Cathy Walker on Kaylie News Radio. 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. Crash on the highway downtown area from the BET. Fred Sports Traffic Center to new accidents Up 25 at Spear that's causing a delay South and 25. So would you try to get down to spear? The rest of the highways are looking good. No trouble through the text center to 25 Take about 10 minutes across the world. I suddenly looks great for Marv at a tour world and trouble free out of DEA. I with 36 speeds on the high side down south in the gap Project, some throwing in north and 25 headed up through Lark Spur recovering there from another problem. Fox 31 pinpoint weather Clear skies Breezy overnight Low 20 five's gonna be sunny, a little warmer tomorrow with a high of 57. Earliest 53 This report sponsored by better help dot com Is there something interfering with your happiness? Better help want you to start living a happier life.

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