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To the show hi hey you taking the com i'm just wondering would it be lipumba kid ran a if we scored the krill uh portable walked cure come only crawl uh obamacare if we scored it today to see if it really hit the um the hit the wall well not when you the cbo scores a proposal wait we know what we know it obamacare's doing itsates every day you can do an accounting of obamacare by the way there's there's no debate even from the left that it's failing right it's about what to do about it ravaged the question but remember the this the cbo right before the obamacare vote remember the cbo came out with it and it was in to their liking so they didn't release it until after the vote remember that mmhmm so uh how to do that that that was glass going back to two thousand ten uh but day you don't need the cbo is you what we know what the we know what the problems are in obamacare we know that obamacare is and working democrats no obamacare is and working uh you you know by the states you know by the states the accounting of the insurance companies that are stopping business in a number of areas across the country and how that is accelerating you know the increase in premiums we all know that yo we don't need the cbo does need to score and if he did the government we know uh because the government has to approve the rate hikes and so we see what the rate hikes are going to be from the insurance companies in obamacare so nothing is hidden now it's not like okay let's of cbo you know figure out what's going on on obamacare we get reports on that on a consistent basis and there's not a cbo report that would be any stronger uh or near as strong as what we're seeing in in our own daily scores of at all because that's what matters when you when you let's say that they worded go do that and there was a fairly accurate score it wouldn't mattered to the.

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