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Has to win a ten thousand dollar vacation register on the express jobs after expressed pros dot com expressed nose jobs get to know express I'm Rick more going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic about the station Picard diamonds at the source rodent I wouldn't have it any other way most jewelers by diamond without even looking at it they buy it based just on its gemological letter and number great alone Shane company diamond buyers go directly to all three diamond capitals of the world and for Tel Aviv and Mumbai because two diamonds with the same lab grade will have different amounts of sparkle depending on how they were cut and where they're inclusions are our expert buyers personally examine each time and then they only hand pick and by the most beautiful stones from within each grade and that's what a friend would do take the time to look at each time and then pick the most beautiful diamond for you at Shane company you'll always get a pretty your diamond for your budget what ever grade you choose now you have a friend in the diamond business Shane company and Shane co dot com so last week I thought I was going to buy a house that I thought I was gonna have to sell my house suited our call I called the Chad Madeline team at E. X. P. I got to work with Mike who is going to help me sell my house when I'm ready to sell but I got to tell you what an amazing guy gave us really solid advice that helped us make a really tough decision and a decision by the way the cost him money that's what I like about it but we explain our concerns Mike was incomplete agreements and said you know what now is not the right time so when it is the right time I'm calling Mike because when you sell your home with the Chad Madeline team you're going with team that sold over five thousand homes the whole team at the XP is absolutely amazing to work with whether you're thinking of trying to get the most money and hang in there or just getting the house sold.

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