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Force and now we have a history first time ever calendar month teammates averaging thirty points and five assists per game in a calendar month no and they have a chance to grow again long way to go but no teammates have ever scored twenty five and seven assists while in the year and they're both headed that page right now Daniel ties at the line hits two free throws coming at a time out in the Celtics in front seventy five seventy four two twenty to go third quarter Houston has escaped a seventeen point deficit back and forth we go with Eric Gordon at the top Gordon against Tatum drives and kicks a Jeff green a left wing three is good for the veteran Jeff Greene as fifth game is a locked in cages that I'm fire since by the rockets really comfortable shoes the three inches to sixty two percent from downtown rockets by two seventy seven seventy five Gordon Hayward out beyond the arc qualifying ties mopping up the center looking to pass inside to take a little late balances it out to like for the rookie lost the dribble got it back for to shoot outside ties quick trigger three no good rebounded by McLemore not what they wanted out of that position terms used in up to imposition is rivers will probe and send it out to Russell Westbrook Westbrook with twenty five points working to the left elbow down the baseline left turn span spades fires Houston by Florida's west brook now is twenty seven there's no guarantee that the numbers are staggering what both of these teams of dark when they've led after three quarters we have one ten to go in the third to follow the perimeter a pass intended for Tatum as Russell Westbrook got a peaceable number on Westworld that is four floors of siding coming is Tyson comes out of the lineup Boston going to the small ball here with grant Williams and the small center I haven't seen any scanner tonight songs that got off the bench brown Hey were lost the ball picked up on the left with only to shoot circles the top doubts against Tatum on the way J. selected for the elbow drives down switches let families no trouble finishing that were days and days the Celtics willing to under a minute to go up to nineteen Westbrook a chance to get another thirty point game drives by Williams and there it is ladies got thirty one is Houston goes up for again Williams is not defensible like Russell Westbrook forty seconds to play third quarter driving it's Gordon instructs the wall off down screens by Gordon reaches in against filed you got that ball Boston over the limit to the free throw line take your going with his first Russell Westbrook PJ I have a four thirty one this dilemma twenty nine so I was premature on getting over thirty points but he's on the cusp of his fifteen thirty point game in the last eighteen games state of misses the first of two go to for a live because the.

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