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The appointed hour web came into the pressroom his wife hung Lee sat next to him and took an extremely wide stance behind the podium. So that his feet poked out from either side of it. He gestured to the frame framed wooden peg some aides held up behind. Him skipping. A paragraph web turn grip the lectern some say, I am a Republican who became a democrat. But that I often sound like a Republican in a room full of Democrats are democrat in a room full of Republicans actually take as a compliment. That's my best. Jim Webb impression. Webb said. More people in this country. Call themselves political independence rather than Republican democrat. This was of course, one of Webb's problems. Nobody seemed to know what he stood for only that he did indeed sound like a Republican in the room full of Democrats. But it wasn't his biggest Jim web's. Biggest problem is that he wasn't heard period in that isn't as a problem almost entirely of his own making over the year that he ran for president. He barely raised any money. He didn't build the kind of campaign infrastructure necessary to compete, and maybe most glaringly he didn't seem to be doing and campaigning. As a consequence he failed to register at one percent and polling averages and the debate last week web came off as a Petula as Petula and entitled using his limited airtime to complain about not being given more of a chance to speak. Americans are disgusted by all. This talk of Democrats and Republicans calling each other the enemy instead of reaching across the table Webb said to Jim Webb voice. Sorry, I know one enemy really. He is from hard personal combat. The other party is not the enemy. They're the opposition in our democracy. We're lucky to have opposition. There's no opposition party in countries like China, he had a point one a lot of Americans would probably agree with which makes us failure to do anything to get his message out there all the more confounding in the campaign that has so far been defined by outsider. Politicians breaking the rules and giving all the love for it. There could be an opening for Jim Webb, but that would require a certain flexibility and creativity about how to get his message out that web clearly did not have. And I'm gonna go ahead, and stopping our article in that I mean things to consider one they were never going to give Jim Webb a chance because it was Hilary's election. There is no Hillary in this race. Secondly, though, the thing to consider is that those descriptions independent minded veteran. The other side is not the enemy. They're the opposite. Mission we need work across the aisle. Gabbard the only one that sounds like this in this higher field of declared candidates and speculative candidates at the time recording this Julian Castro just came in and he's going to call everybody south of him Satan. So just something to consider there is no Hillary in this race. So she has more of a chance, but the fact that she's not as extreme as the others is going to kinda hurt her. So what should libertarians to about this? I think we have a chance as I mentioned earlier a net gain. She's with us enough, and she might not be a libertarian, but she certainly anti progressive as we've seen in the Trump era, sometimes being anti-big recive is enough to at least get libertarians hawking points out when we have the breathing space to actually make good on it. This is called what my friend Robin Kerner described as the blue Republican. Strategy and he devised this around twenty eleven to try and get Democrats to support Ron Paul in the primaries, not necessarily in general, but at least in the primaries, and there's a tactic that I've used in the past for primaries and for independent candidates and libertarian Kant's staffed and managed during my time as a consultant..

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