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Locations. Is it silver diner dot com For more information? Silver Diner Home away from home. Rich hunter wghp traffic rich Thank you. Now let's get your storm team for four day forecast. Here's NBC for Samara, Theodore overnight and isolated shower here they're up for 40 Salo fifties. Tomorrow. Plenty of sunshine breaking through and clearing taking place highs in the upper sixties. Tuesday, loaded mid seventies with sunny skies. High pressure dominates not only Tuesday but still impacts the region Wednesday is well. Eyes on Wednesday, we'll actually be near 80 degrees. With that southwesterly flow. We should be in for a nice warm up mid week. There is a front that could impact the region late Wednesday into Thursday, but it looks like most of us stay dry, maybe a shower to closer to areas north and west of D. C. High's on Thursday. We'll be in the upper sixties toe low seventies and then we're Sonny through the end of the week. Cool and fall like for your Friday with highs on Friday in the mid sixties, I'm starving for meteorologists. Tamara Theodore tomorrow Thank you. It is 59 chilly degrees outside our studios and friendship pipes. Maybe to European news time 11 30 thiss is tell you t o p Your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected. And constantly updated in your car at home at work and told to go. W T O p never visible moment. Good Sunday evening. I'm Del Walters. Laura's Patani. AC is our producer at this hour coming up. President Trump driving past supporters outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center while.

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