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Four miles before quakertown to two miles after it left lane blocked. That's construction mass transit's. Okay. Your next update's in less than ten minutes in the KYW twenty four hour traffic center. I'm Stevie Reese. Witness weather forecast meteorologist, Katie Fehlinger. And it's still pretty warm out there. Temperatures into the mid seventies. With some sun some clouds by late this afternoon watch for a shower thunderstorm, and then we clear back out tonight down to forty eight degrees. Much cooler, but much more seasonable. Come tomorrow in the sunshine. We hit a breezy. Sixty one degrees, still sunny still cool on Thursday up to fifty nine come Friday. Generally, some pretty nice weather during the daylight hours. We hit seventy degrees. But by that night, there's likely to be some showers and storms rumbling through with the next cold front and partly sunny going up to seventy three right now with window nation. Spring cleanup event, you can say fifty percents off new energy efficient windows. If fifty percent of all styles plus act now and really clean up with available zero percent interest for five full years zero percent interest until twenty twenty four just for calling window nation today. Call to window nation dot com. Check on Wall Street sponsored by Crashproof retirement. Avoid the crash of tomorrow without missing the returns of today. Visit Crashproof retirement dot com. Lamarcus are negative. The dow. Down one hundred seventy three points, NASDAQ up twenty six s and p five hundred down nearly fourteen and a half points. Depend on us at ten sixty on your radio on the radio dot com app. And on your smart speaker ask you, the play KYW NewsRadio. Back to the United States MacKenzie. Greg Gordon Vini at the editor's desk. Three things to know at one fifteen. Void the eastbound Schuylkill expressway, all lanes are blocked approaching Gladwin. Because of a fire. They were this for the update traffic center. Second thing. US attorney general William Parr making his first appearance on Capitol Hill since his summary or the of the Robert Muller report he promised to release a redacted version to congress in about a week. And this third thing in part two of our series of hub of hope it'll be as Justin Trudeau talks with business owners suburban station to save the homeless resource center is causing more harm than good for the last thirty six years, which fully has made a living.

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