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Done questioning and then allowed John Prior to do his cross examination I think what we're going to find to be most of it is the fact that Jj's pretty much intact. Tyler. Is Not going to be a big way of evidence as to what happened to her potentially I wonder if we'll ever even know you know I don't know to be honest I. Mean it's possible. I mean if anthropologists can go through time and what happened to a mummy I, mean I don't see why they may not be able to find out about her. But Judy is going to be the biggest thing and and here's what's sick is that you know it's more. It's not just speculation but they say the dismemberment when someone murder someone. And they start dismembering. They usually have almost like a buyer's remorse about dismemberment because it's so messy because it's so involved and they realized that it leaves too much like behind the too much work and you know. So it's possible that they could have killed highly first and then kill Jj right leg we it's more than speculation. And so that's something that I find to be most entrusting about all of us and how brings all of this to light what's going to be important is the is the talks ecology report that comes back from JJ L. help us give a clue maybe two highly as well. Of their methodology behind all of this I truly think that I speak for myself when I say this, but I truly believe that. You know it's just so tragic and horrendous in discussing that the children were murdered but I hope that maybe they were poisoned or knocked out or something, and that the the plastic trash bag around Jj was not an indication of strangulation or suffocation and I mean highly just again, we'll go over more of this from Tuesday's preliminary hearing when a member of the team of the FBI agent discussed. In detail graphic detail the excavation tiles remains I think that Chad is like a really murderous cat that keeps covering up his shit in the litterbox so it wouldn't be surprising if tyler was shot. I. Mean just based on tax message the defense is obsessed with. The has nothing to do with Iraq count the. Give Yeah. I guess we're not going to we don't know maybe they can forensics can determine that medical examiner from skull fragments or I'm really looking forward like most of you are to the on metal medical examiner coming back with toxicology reports on the full autopsy same art a same I think that having the evidence will bring forth that justice. So John Prior is going to have his work cut out for him. So far JJ's body was discovered an idea and chats backyard Kylie's body had to identify from partial dental records as jockey sad and. Things aren't looking good. So in any case, John Prior took over the Cross examination and rob would objected to almost every single one of John priors questions I mean every single thing and it when fifty fifty whether it was overruled or sustained but John Prior is really trying hard here. He talked about a conversation with Melanie Boudreau and another Melanie Gab brought up JJ school attendance because remember police initially thought that Jj attended school for the last day on September twenty third..

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