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My son would laugh me when we're, let's say affecting someone else right. So you can't kill another person. I think that we would all agree that freedom doesn't mean that you can take somebody else's life for you can't take their land right I. mean that's a fundamental tenet of this country that my land is my land. Expect but that brings up an important point in the important point is that we're not ever really truly free and I think that's an I think we have to understand that because without. Any sort of structure in society society can't function. It can't be everybody rowing the boat in a different direction and everybody doing all their own thing and it comes back to the mask. Thing when people say you know you can't infringer my civil liberties and it's I mean I. Don't think it's a question. Anybody can answer but you can make an argument that. But if you're sick and you sneeze on me and you get me sick. You know. So it's a much deeper question than that, and it's the same thing with you know does it could have suggested that was the dental board right and all that kind of stuff and it's very very. It's a very, very difficult answer and people like to over simplify it people like to say, you're the constitution read the First Amendment, the Second Amendment they forget that there are have been Supreme Court decisions that interpret those amendments in the the the the constitution was drafted as a living breathing document and I, think the founding fathers understood that times change in. That's why. We have the judiciary correct and and the other I agree with everything you're saying and remember kids at almost every supreme court decision that was ever made was like the important that was five to four. So they were looking at the same constitution in the same language in the same books and the same words and five said, yes, and four said no, and so the devil's in the details I, agree with all that. I. Just I just it just comes down to one litmus point I. Disagree with you are you going to kidnap may put me in a cage and kill me No I was on. My wasn't on my agenda for today. WE'LL SEE Your idea when your idea so good that no one will agree with you until you kidnap them, put them in a cage and kill them. Then, you know you need killed I mean it's it's crazy but So yeah. So we probably talked enough about. The Ben Burruss and the all that kind of stuff like that. So, this course is for orthodontist only say thirteen week starts again November I November first and we'll this'll be starts the second round or the second series. So this'll be a completely new groups of the course will recycle so. The first thing in graduate, and this is a whole new class starting from the beginning. So it will be the second glass I can class. Yeah and the First Class when you did your first thirteen week online class Did. You get feedback. You weren't expecting that. Did you do a lot of changes for the second? What did you learn from the first thirteen week class of graduates? Are Going to change in the second thirteen week you know it's a great question. We actually I actually sent out a survey right at the beginning sort of as a pre-test. You know how used to get those pre-test and they give you the same test later on to see how much learn. So I sent out a survey at the beginning now obviously, we're still ongoing. I have learned certainly we we have continued to address the curriculum. In fact, one of the doctors asked I don't do any three D in how Selena. Liners from technology but one of the doctors had some questions about three D. printed a so I spoke to. A new friend of Mine Russa Cassani who is the the three D. Printing. Expert so he's going to do a module on that. So as we're going through the course, we're we're getting an idea of, let's say, maybe some of the gaps that we've missed. So we're re-recording somewhere modules for the next next course, it went from twelve weeks to thirteen weeks. Probably the next one will be fourteen weeks as we keep finding that there's more things that people Wanna learn about we tried to make Gary and I tried to make it comprehensive. So we again we Start the beginning as you talked about, the first week is diagnosis and treatment planning. It's critical and then we went through different inclusions in all kind of on the backside of the course, we're talking more about the business of orthodontics and had to be profitable and You know we we didn't get a chance to talk about some of the tell dentistry platforms. If you want to have me back on Sunday, we can talk about things that can reach virtual care and dental monitoring but Yeah so in listening and I think by probably by January, it's GonNa be a different planet and we'll probably have to retool the course all over again as the planet starts to spin in a different direction.

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