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And they actually know how to sell a story speaking of lawn horse the order worth the guy says they collect the bill goal in forty says lake county sheriff oscar martinez has promoted veteran county police officer who is who commands there he promoted william patterson the chief of police added a second in command patterson hispanic commander for about a decade under the previous sheriff's he joined the county police force in 1990 seventy graduated from hobart has a bachelor's degree from cal college of saint joseph over here and has received public safety training at northwestern so so his new command staff were to be patterson and the let's see sheriff named dennis eaten there's his administration commander front row eaten i know i know who patterson is catterson recently testified in the trial of an elite county sheriff john paul he actually tell us applied for the government's against once it and let's see what else the area go here's a here's a big one the sheriff's demoted dan mircha heard in command holder deparments one of two deputy commanders of the control division work as a candidate for here that share ran against martinez and saturday's democratic caucus syrup is yet the name a deputy police commander so what does that mean so handler chick and he'll martinez here this logic is still running her here right now at the case does i got to ask yourself this question ashley it is moscow martinez wins the sheriff's department and so now he hasn't top leadership positions and he gives the wonder william patterson wall time cop all right that's finding this replaced cheaper police within or is it third position at merck sick hid under wants his for a long time member was quonsett sits down mircha.

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