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Blind in the frozen tundra of in ourika uh and you know maybe murdering somebody with a claw hammer in the snow or something that affect i'm not saying i just you know they ended hat nickel here um you know or at a campsite is what he says it's his example if we that it in my uh then it won't necessarily be clear who has jurisdiction mmhmm right in this becomes the crux of the complication ig save hundreds of dollars by switching to gaiko i'm so happy i feel like i can fly disclaimer you will not be able to fly by switching to gaiko this is against the laws of physics and nature if you find yourself line pc professionell and or medical help immediately in the unlikely event you find yourself lying you might be a superhero or a pigeon or a superhero named page woman was bitten by a radioactive pigeon if you are indeed bid woman takeover tang's all licensing publishing rights in the event pits woman the movie becomes a top pros in hollywood blockbuster geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more four is dr hemmings news there's never been a criminal prosecution for a murder committed in antarctica ends i'm gonna go on record here on our show in say that i think there were probably murders that occurred in antarctica over the span of human history we know that there is violence and vice in this continent ends we just brought up a real life example that claw hammers thing happen yet another claw hammer thing actually happened not not in the way that i speculated earlier but in 1990 six there was an incident at an australian facility where a cook in the galle attacked one of his fellow workers with the back end of o'clock hammer and no one was killed illegitimately resulted in both both guys getting stitches and actually in.

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