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Always expect boca to say who picks up the tab for this. Why howie klein of down. Tyranny on the nicole sandler but he doesn't thankfully hi. Howie low how are you. I'm okay how are you doing good. It's good it's been. I realized it's been a few weeks since we've spoken. Because i was out to three weeks ago because it was david's birthday. You were out last week because you had a hospital day and so we haven't spoken in a while and you know i guess it's just more of the same happening but it seems like so much has happened since we last spoke. Yeah what has happened. what has happened more of the same. I guess i don't have a list in front of me but shiva's happened. I couldn't tell you offhand what it's not like in the days of trump whereas like every day there were twenty things and i had to pick and choose but you know we're plugging away. We're moving along. Joe biden disappointed me in a couple of ways. I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that. But for instance in his he put out this ridiculous budget but a few things of of his campaign promises from the from the campaign have disappeared like very important things. Yes i know weren't enough to convince me to vote for other. People voted for him. Because of some of these promises that you never hear of anymore. Yeah well and some of us voted for him to vote against donald trump because as bad as joe biden ten. Be he's still is is light years. Better than trump i i. If trump had won reelection. I fear for where we'd be today and you know things may not be great today but they certainly be a lot worse if he were still in office to look what he's doing so yes we agree on that. So i you know before you came on how he had just changed gears. I don't know if you heard about the story or not. Do you do remember though that back in november Some of us were surprised at how republican florida went especially miami dade county right well. Big story in the miami herald today that a few groups media watchdog groups did an investigation into spanish language. Radio in miami and go figure they found to to give you the real reader's digest version. They lied about every goddamn thing. The first the first paragraph of the article says thousands of dead people in non-citizens voted in the twenty twenty presidential election. There were more votes cast than registered voters. Black lives matter and antifa infiltrated the deadly storming of the us capital. And then it says these are just some of the conspiracy. Theories compiled in new media. Monitoring report published wednesday revealing the extent to which misinformation pervaded the airways of miami's spanish language. Talk radio but wait a minute but these will these. It sounded like he was saying things that would have that reported on the election. Right this did. They also influence the election all. I'm sure they did well. This study only. It followed the january six insurrection so they took a week like january sixth through the thirteenth and studied just analyzed that programming but the lying in the misinformation didn't start after the election. This was in full swing throughout the campaign and my point is it. Seems like there's nobody monitoring what's going on on spanish language rio in south florida. Well.

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